Elizabeth Hurley Shows Us that Age is Just a Number with Sexy Bikini Snaps

Quintessential British rose, Elizabeth Hurley, has come out and shown some serious woman power, defying the construct that women are “old” after turning a certain age, which is a notion that permeates in society to devastating effect on both men and women and in relationships as a whole. Never fear, because Elizabeth Hurley is here to shoot down that negative notion, using these pictures as her weapon.

You can still be sexy at 52, (should you be so lucky), if you stay fit as Liz. Her Instagram success has seen her amass circa 673k followers, which is also partly due to her also starring in the popular soap drama series ‘The Royals’ on E!

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s see Miss Hurley in all her glory! Who doesn’t love cats? Elizabeth Hurley is a self-professed cat lover, like so many that share love for the feline animals.

A bikini and a pussycat, all in the same picture. We’re sold, as we love both. Liz is a must follow on the gram. Credit: ElizabethHurley/IG

She once complained about social media, but that attitude quickly turned around after she lost her cat for six months. She was devastated that Mr. Mew was gone, however, it was the social media world that saw her pleas for his return met, and Mr. Mew “the tabby cat” was given back to her. She has since vowed to never complain about social media again. Amazing story!

Still the face of Estee Lauder campaigns’, this beauty went one better. Five days ago, she uploaded some great pics of her sporting her own range of bikinis called Elizabeth Hurley Beach. What’s not to like about that? Expertly made with boomerang on Instagram, and the leopard print swimsuit adds a nice touch too. Really permeates her love for feline things. Purr-fect!

Nice moves from Liz there. One wonders how life-long friend and now ex-Hugh Grant still feels about his silly run-ins with Divine Brown all those years ago in Los Angeles? Eh, guess it doesn’t matter. Let by-gone’s be by-gone’s and all that. Despite everything, Hugh remains in her life till this day.

The success of the Royals has resurrected her career, and after her high-profile relationship with Hugh Grant, it made her into a screen star in the quite funny, sexy comedy film, Bedazzled, alongside Brendan Fraser. A film which also starred in some racy outfits, wherein Liz played as a sexy version of the devil. All in a comedy setting, of course.

In 2000, she looked good, in 2017, she still looks great. Credit: Pinterest

Do we love Elizabeth Hurley here at Brainstain. It’s safe to say that we do, since it’s clear she has a good sense of humor. She handled the Hugh Grant ordeal very well, and she continues to work in the entertainment industry without fail, starring alongside the legendary Joan Collins nowadays.

In the Royals, two very posh ladies. Credit: TheRoyals/E!

It be a shame not to round off Elizabeth’s presence in the news with at least one more promotional bikini snap. Yellow is a great colour for this summer season after all.

The colour yellow, definitely brings in that sizzling summer fun to your bikini collection. Credit: ElizabethHurley/IG

We very much enjoyed that light bit of entertainment. Since you made it this far down, why don’t you go ahead and give the wonderful Miss Hurley a follow on Instagram?

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Digital Spy

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