More Leads Recovered on DB Cooper’s Great Escape

Who remembers watching the Unsolved Mysteries episode on DB Cooper? Or who even vividly remembers the legend of DB Cooper, the first American hijacker who on November 24th of 1971, boarded a domestic Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 flight from Portland Airport, Oregon to Seattle-Tacoma on Flight 305, and then brazenly presented a bomb to a stewardess after take-off, plus brandishing a handgun and demanding $200,000 in return for the aboard passengers safety, plus he requested four parachutes, then jumped out of the back of the plane at 10,000ft over the Pacific North West woodland, landing somewhere in Oregon or in Washington. It is presumed that he may not have survived the deep wood wintery conditions, but many believe that he got away with it. Which sounds similar to the Escape from Alcatraz, when many people afterwards, believed that the escapees never made it onto shore in San Francisco, however, this is an escape by flight.

Yes, this is an additional unsolved mystery of all unsolved mysteries. But, who was DB Cooper? Nobody really knows till this day and that’s the greatest mystery of all, since every now and again new leads will crop up, decades upon decades later. The man who was later nicknamed the “Skyjacker” continues to elude authorities, with nobody none the wiser, about who he was or what happened to him?

DB Cooper aka Dan Cooper’s E-Sketch. Credit: didyouknow

It’s definitely a case that the FBI still very much want to solve. If only for peace of mind sake. As it’s been hanging over contemporary American criminal history for nearly 46 years. His heist of $200,000 was equivalent to $1.2 million in today’s financial estimate, which makes it one of the most daring individual heists of all time, as how could somebody get away with it, without even wearing a disguise? Then just disappear into thin air, well disappear from 10,000ft into high altitude, without any trail of anything discovered until so many years later. Here’s a documentary for you, should you be as intrigued as we are by this mystifying story, but do keep on reading.

DB Cooper got his $200,000 in $20 bills and vanished. Dan Cooper as his boarding pass stated, has eluded law enforcement and even believability ever since…

Nine years later in 1980, next to the Columbia shore of a river near Vancouver, Washington, authorities recovered circa $5,800 dollars of his money which was buried in sand, which was also verified to be from the heist from serial numbers on the money, but since then the trail has very much been quiet.

Until today, when an amateur team headed by TV and film executive Thomas Colbert and his wife Dawna claim to have recovered part of a strap from the parachute that he used to escape from the airplane, which was discovered in an undisclosed location, so as to protect the find. As Colbert and the team claim that this is also where a credible source, said they believed the money was buried for safekeeping.

Thomas Colbert said that an unnamed couple led him to the site, which was corroborated from reports he obtained from the FBI. Colbert said he would gladly send the parachute strap in for analysis and is even willing to let the FBI dig up the site on Monday. So are we to believe that there’s really any money left dug under the ground? The amateur investigator sued the FBI for those documents after they closed the case in July of 2016, as surely even the Bureau decided that the case had gone way too cold, even for them.

Robert Colbert pictured finding the parachute strap. Credit: TJC Consulting

Thomas Colbert who is seemingly obsessed by the story, wrote a book on the crime and produced a documentary on the mystery. It’s funny to us, since it was the year of 1971, which makes us think that it could have been done by a Vietnam War veteran, as who else could carry out such a heist and jump out of plane without some form of military training.

And, low and behold, last September, Colbert announced that he believed the mysterious hijacker to be Robert Rackstraw, a former Vietnam War veteran who’s 73 and lives on a yacht called “Poverty Sucks” in San Diego, and was a highly decorated pilot who faked his death in 1978 to avoid a fraud trial. Robert Rackstraw’s attorney called the claim, “the stupidest thing I have ever heard”.

So there you have it! DB Cooper remains at large and nobody even knows who he is, or whether he’s even alive, perhaps that’s why the FBI closed the case and surely he will go down in history as the most elusive criminal of all time, right?

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Could Thomas J. Colbert be onto something? Buy his DB Cooper book here!

Featured Photo Credit: Associated Press

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