Vile Islamic Rape Gang Exposed in Newcastle

Now for some horrible “real news” with the only good thing about it, is that the 17 vile sexual predators of Islamic descent have now been locked up, (including one woman), on rape, sexual abuse and drugs charges, with yet more men to come. Some people believe that the sentences that were handed down to them were not long enough for their repulsive and abhorrent crimes.

In an undercover police operation, a convicted informant was paid £10,000 (a small price to pay) to give away information on a large syndicate focusing on the manipulation, drugging, and the raping of caucasian underage girls. Thanks to the informant, that ring has been exposed and 18 of the members are being sent to prison. This follows on from other similar muslim rape gangs across the United Kingdom that have already been revealed in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, where a further 19 muslim men were arrested for partaking in similar rape gang syndicates.

However, a total of 461 people have been arrested for rape crimes thus far and Police say that there have been some 278 victims, with Police admitting that they had “thrown the kitchen sink” (i.e. meaning they did everything) at bringing the rape gangs to justice.

Here’s the faces of 16 members of the rape gang, that have been sentenced and finally released to the public. See a pattern? Credit: Daily Mail

Finally! As the EDL (English Defence League) have also said, this has been going on for way too long. Political correctness has also played a role in a form of cover up or withholding of information to the public. Let’s be honest, we are yet to see Christian rape gangs and or Hindu rape gangs, because they do not exist. It does make you wonder about some of the inherent cultural differences perhaps playing a deciding factor with in relation to such crimes. Perhaps, one of the outbursts from one of the 18 men that was recently locked up, who screamed, “All white women are good for one thing!” is enough to tell it all.

Seemingly, that’s the sort of vile culture embedded into some parts of the crime ridden muslim community mentality and it brings up questions about how they were raised to believe in such a disgusting rhetoric. Perhaps, it’s Islam’s strange approach to sex and sexual relations, or perhaps something that’s indoctrinated in some of the hate preaching mosques? We will never know, they probably just thought that this was okay, but with all these stories of Islamic rape gangs, we feel it’s just one more scandal short of being a full blown epidemic. It’s good to see that the police in the United Kingdom are finally doing something to crackdown on this most horrible of realities and also in releasing it to the public (about time), as parents need to safeguard their children from such occurrences ever happening again.

However, parts of the public criticised the use of £10,000 being used to pay a convicted informant. Some leftists have even called the operation “racist”, which only tells us one thing, that the liberal socialist left have lost the plot a long time ago. We are yet to hear what Sadiq Khan, the hugely unpopular Mayor of London, would say about this. It’s surely only a matter of time, before a similar rape gang unearths itself in the city of London, one would think.

Northumbria Police Chief Steve Ashman defended the use of taxpayers money of £10,000 being used to pay an informant. Credit: Daily Mail

Just imagine, this could’ve been your teenager at the mercy of these sexual predators, that were plied with alcohol and drugs, such as cocaine, M-Cat (Mephedrone) and other illegal substances such as horse tranquilizers before being raped by various men, one after the other, in whatever way they wished. Oh, and let’s not forget that they were unable to consent and that these girls were anywhere from 13-years-old and upwards, so very underage as well.

The syndicate preyed on vulnerable young girls and in Newcastle. They used Carolann Gallon, who was 17-years-old at the time, to help bring vulnerable young white girls into the arms of these predators, who would then use them as sex toys.

Carolann Gallon has been sentenced for helping to traffic girls into so-called sex sessions. Credit: Daily Mail

Northumbria Police launched an investigation after receiving information from social workers, presumably on part of sexually abused victims, and then spoke to 108 victims privately, over the course of 2011 to 2014 and in four trials, 20 young women gave evidence to prosecute men from Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and some of whom were British born. Let’s now read the full statement from 37-year-old Badrul Hussain, who said to a Tyne and Wear Metro ticket collector, the following, “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*ck and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.”

The operation which came to be known as Operation Shelter, was first exposed to authorities in 2013, when two women came forward and within weeks the Police began to swoop on these sexual predators, arresting 27 people, whilst one young woman gave evidence in front of six different juries about her ordeal.

Now let’s name and shame these people who have been sentenced to hard time for their crimes. We expect with how the prison mentality is laid out, where sexual predators and rapists are considered the worst of all inmates, let’s hope that they’re already been having a horrid time on the inside.

So, let’s list the main players that have been handed down longer sentences for their involvement in the sex ring, shall we?

Saiful Islam, 35, of Newcastle, jailed for ten years in January of 2016 for raping a young girl in 2011.

Yasser Hussain, 28, of Newcastle was jailed for only two years in October of 2015 for allowing his premises to be used as a sex party location with underage girls, with his home also being used for supplying illegal drugs. Only two years? What?!

Mohammed Hassan Ali, 34, of Newcastle was jailed for seven years in December of 2015 for sex with a minor, plus also for supplying cannabis and charged with the possession of Mephedrone with the intent to supply at these parties.

Saiful Islam, 35, is now where he belongs. Credit: PA

Here are the names of the other convicted rapists, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

  • Redwan Siddique, 32, of Newcastle, was jailed for 16 months in February for supplying M-Kat to a 19-year-old in return for sex at his student digs in 2013.
    Carolann Gallon, 22, from Newcastle, aged 17-18 at the time, admitted three offences of trafficking girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation.
  • Mohammed Azram, 35, of Newcastle, admitted five drugs offences and was convicted of one count of sexual assault and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain.
  • Jahangir Zaman, 45, of Newcastle, was convicted of rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution.
  • Nashir Uddin, 35, of Newcastle, was convicted of sexual assault, allowing premises to be used to supply drugs, conspiracy to incite prostitution and who admitted four counts of supplying drugs and three of possessing drugs.
  • Abdulhamid Minoyee, 34, of Newcastle, was convicted of rape and sexual assault and pleaded guilty to supplying drugs.
  • Eisa Mousavi, 42, of Newcastle, was convicted of three counts of rape, two counts of supplying drugs, allowing premises to be used for the supply of drugs and conspiracy to incite prostitution.
  • Monjur Choudhury, 33, of Newcastle,  was convicted of supplying drugs, permitting premises to be used for the supply of drugs and conspiracy to incite prostitution.
  • Taherul Alam, 32, Newcastle, who was convicted of two counts of supplying drugs, one count of permitting premises to be used for supplying drugs, attempting to sexually assault, and of conspiracy to incite prostitution.
  • Prabhat Nelli, 33, Newcastle, who was convicted of two counts of supplying drugs and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution.

    Yasser Hussain got off lightly. Credit: PA
  • Nadeem Aslam, 43, Newcastle, who admitted possessing cannabis and was convicted of two counts of supplying drugs, one count of possessing drugs and one count of permitting premises to be used in the supply of drugs.
  • Habibur Rahim, 34, of Fenham, was convicted of two counts of conspiracy to incite prostitution, relating to eight different victims. He supplied them with cannabis and mephedrone and was also convicted of a number of trafficking for sexual exploitation offences. He was convicted of one count of rape.
  • Abdul Sabe, 40, of Newcastle, was convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation, conspiracy to sexual assault, and supplying drugs to victims. He was already on the sex offenders’ register.
  • Badrul Hussain, 37, of Newcastle, was convicted of allowing drugs to be used at his premises and of supplying drugs. He was cleared of inciting prostitution for gain.
  • Mohibur Rahman, 44, known to victims as Jimmy, admitted conspiracy to incite prostitution and five drugs charges.

The rest are due to be sentenced next month. We feel that some of these men got off with light sentences and that stronger punishments should be in order, seeing as they have gone on to ruin so many young lives purely to satisfy their needs for sick sexual gratification.

Police Chief Steve Ashman of the Northumbria Police confirmed that, “To date we have arrested 461 people, spoken to 703 potential complainants and have found 278 victims. In total we now have 93 convictions delivering more than 300 years of imprisonment in addition to today’s convictions.”

Steve Ashman has called for stronger punishment. In that case, we’d like suggest 20 years to life, as minimum for all child rapists and rape gang participants. Credit: Daily Mail

He added, “Many of us will never understand the traumatic experience some of these women and girls have endured and they have my wholehearted commitment that, together with our partners, we will continue to provide them with all the support they need. They have trusted us and we must not let them down. We have thrown the kitchen sink at this – a team of 50 officers have worked on this inquiry for almost three and a half years and continue to do so. We have not and will not stop. We have employed every technique available to us, covert and overt, in tackling the problem.”

That’s surely comforting to know, as these criminals have been hiding under the veil of political correctness and nobody daring to bring these rapists to justice. All because they’re Muslim. Steve Ashman stated, “There has been no political correctness here. These are criminals and there has been no hesitation in arresting them and targeting them using all the means at our disposal. It is for individual communities to ask themselves whether they are doing all they can to eradicate such attitudes and behaviour so that the stigma and shame attached to such people prevents it from rearing its head again. The communities that we work with are appalled at this offending and we have encountered nothing other than the fullest of support from them all.”

This investigation of child rape in Newcastle, called Operation Shelter, had been apart of a wider operation called Operation Sanctuary.

For more information regarding this massive operation, which has been withheld from the public for a long time, presumably in order not to cause offence, can be seen right here, but be warned as it’s truly a difficult read.

Brainstain, over and out!

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