Jose Mourinho Opens Talks With Zlatan Ibrahimovic Over New Contract

“Well, well, well” as we’ve been saying all day here at the Brainstain offices, and rightly so, the time has now cometh where the English public, deluded football fans and those who love Zlatan get the news that they’ve been waiting for: Jose Mourinho has opened talks with Super-Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic to sign for another season at Manchester United. We didn’t expect anything less, as being keen football fans, we always have an eye on the sport, as well as on all the sport’s greatest players, including Zlatan.

It’s a pleasure to report that the talks have begun and we honestly cannot wait to hear of a deal being reached. After Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s unfortunate and unjust injury in April in the Champions League, which sidelined him with a cruciate ligament injury, (which had doctor’s in America baffled by the pristine condition of his knee) he is currently undergoing a very successful recovery. Why else would Manchester United already be in talks to bring him back? Perhaps to quell the opposing interest from AC Milan and LA Galaxy; another two sides vying for his services once he his back to full fitness. However, as we were anticipating all along, Jose Mourinho understands that Zlatan is not done by any means, and that he may even come back stronger than before.

Zlatan’s knee injury in April. Credit: Daily Mail

This comes after the 2-1 Super Cup loss against the Champions League and La Liga “Galacticos” champions Real Madrid, which was most definitely seen as a big test for Manchester United, and a game in which they could assess themselves in current progress against the best side in the world.

In that match, Zidane played Gareth Bale from the start to reinforce to Jose Mourinho that the Welsh winger is not for sale, but he left Cristiano Ronaldo out, the player who is facing uncertainty amidst his supposed Tax Evasion case which prompted Ronaldo to say that he wishes to return to England, which also has Manchester United on Red Alert. Whilst things carry on in Madrid, it’s all down to Jose Mourinho alone to realise that a fully fit Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an indispensable player for United, if they wish for Champions League and Premier League glory.

Sticking with the team. Credit: Daily Mail

We’re happy to have been correct regarding the rehiring of Zlatan’s services, and purely this is down to a mutual agreement from both sides, with Zlatan stating that he wishes to remain a Red Devil, and with Jose Mourinho wanting the same thing. It’s clear that the story of Zlatan at Manchester United is far from over.

Seeing him back in the Red and White of Manchester will be a highlight of the year that we cannot wait for. Whether that comes before January or in January, having a player like Zlatan on your side, guarantees you passion, competitiveness, goals, superb passing, and a massive lift for the whole side.

Zlatan is much loved by the players, staff and by the board, after he netted 17 goals in the Premier League as well as Cup competitions, whilst also scoring 28 goals in total last season.

The best is yet to come! Credit:

Romelu Lukaku announced that he asked Zlatan whether he could take the number 9 shirt, to which Zlatan agreed, which in turn has disappointed some fans that purchased the Zlatan number 9 shirt from last season. However, which squad number will he be taking next? Could he be back in the number 10 shirt or will he put on the disused number 11 shirt? Only if Wayne Rooney and or Ryan Giggs don’t mind…

This whole thing is a grand mouth-watering prospect. In resigning Zlatan, Manchester United will be an even stronger force than they are now, by a country mile. To all those that thought that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was done at United, we’re still chuckling at your ignorance in the world of football.

Let’s hope a deal is reached very soon. United need Zlatan now more than ever.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Newsweek

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