Usain Bolt Loses His Final 100 Meter Race

This past weekend in London at the World Championships in Athletics, Usain Bolt was in the final of the 100 meters, as per usual, and the fastest man on Earth was expected to win the race. However, somehow, Usain Bolt fell short of his usual best and in an anti-climax to a glittering career in sprinting and athletics, since he was pipped to 1st place by American sprinter Justin Gatlin.

Imagine the shock and disappointment for Usain Bolt and for his fans, as two-time convicted drug cheat Justin Gatlin, who has cleaned up his act, went onto to take the gold medal, whilst Usain Bolt finished in an incredible third place, something not associated with the Lighting Bolt.

Some people are now wondering how, despite going down as the greatest sprinter probably of all time, and the fastest man on Earth, to a true Athletic’s great such as Usain, could’ve lost in what was to be his final race?

Let’s look at a unlikely/likely causation of his loss. Just minutes before the 100m final, a naked streaker came out of nowhere, which possibly may just have distracted Usain Bolt from achieving the gold medal. Can anyone else think of a better reason? Neither can we, so let’s see what happened, shall we?

Could it have been the curse of the completely nude streaker, running across the track where moments later it would see Usain run his last professional individual race? Who really knows what effect this streaker had on proceedings.

Enough to distract anyone, right? Credit: DailyMail

Who knows? Anyway, let’s now see how Usain Bolt’s final individual race finished and analyse how it all went down. You really have to see how it all was possible.

Admittedly, it wasn’t Usain Bolt’s night, as he was clearly slow out of the blocks and he looked a bit sluggish as he stretched to catch Christian Coleman and winner Justin Gatlin, a man who had five consecutive silver medals finally got his gold. A small victory for team USA, and probably a just deserved gold for Justin after all these years of being second.

Justin Gatlin finished on 9.92 seconds, with Christian Coleman on 9.94 and Bolt finishing on 9.95 at the end of the 100m race. In saying that, Bolt still holds the World Record for the 100m and 200m, so that should take some beating and seemingly there’s nobody in sight that will ever top that for a long while yet.

Still, could this streaker have played a part in breaking Usain Bolt’s concentration moments before the 100m race? Only Usain knows that, but undoubtedly Usain will always be remembered as one of the best there ever was in Track and Field, and one wonders if he now will pursue a trial or test as a professional footballer. We reckon any club would be honored to take him on. He’s a keen footballer, you know?

So, was it the streaker? Was it just Justin Gatlin’s time to finally shine? Or was Usain Bolt not in the best of conditions for this race? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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