Cristiano Ronaldo Issues “Buy Me” Plea to Manchester United

Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo, 32, has issued a “buy me” plea to English clubs, most notably to that of Manchester United. How could did this come about? It seems that the Spanish tax authority have been pursuing him for supposed unpaid image rights taxes. However, what they didn’t count on doing was opening a Pandora’s Box and making the greatest footballer there ever was ticked off with Spain, and is now seriously issuing a “buy me” plea to Manchester United, signalling his wish to leave Real Madrid this summer.

This should send major alerts to the city of Manchester, where Jose Mourinho will be most likely be aware that a deal can be back on the cards. It would be befitting of Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Manchester United, since Ronaldo is clearly angry and wants to leave Spain, see?

Ronaldo is not happy and we understand why… It’s a corrupt witch hunt. Credit: AP

Let’s be honest, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and probably if Ronaldo would slip on a Manchester United shirt again, they would win the Premier League, the Champions League, and sell so many Cristiano Ronaldo shirts in one month, it would most likely pay for half, if not all, of his transfer fee in a relatively quick amount of time.

It might be time for Manchester United to put their money where their mouth is. Cristiano Ronaldo could either be saying that he wishes to leave to create tension between Real Madrid and the country of Spain, threatening them to lose him altogether in La Liga, for the place that made him, which is Manchester. Frankly, we do not blame Ronaldo one bit. If we were him, we would’ve already sought out an exit by now the moment we heard the announcement that the Spanish tax authority are seeking circa £15million from us in “unpaid taxes”. Plus, they want even more money from him, so naturally Ronaldo is very upset and wishes to leave Madrid, ASAP.

Just yesterday, Spain and Barcelona lost Neymar Jr. to PSG, and this is having a domino effect across future transfers this summer, presumably even sparking the thoughts and hopes of Ronaldo wanting to leave back to England even more. After winning everything imaginable in Madrid already, the Spanish tax authority not only targeted Neymar Jr. beforehand, but also Lionel Messi as well. It’s funny how the Spanish tax authority decides to only target their biggest stars with the most money, not realising that they may just prompt their biggest stars to leave La Liga in the process, and thus leaving their clubs and the country of Spain altogether.

Ronaldo in United colours. Could we be seeing this again? Let’s hope so. Credit: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to go to court, where he said in midweek, “I never had a problem in England… that’s why I would like to go back to England.”

Ronaldo added, “I always paid my taxes, always. In England and in Spain. I always paid. As you know, I can not hide anything, it would be ridiculous on my part to do such a thing.”

Jose Mourinho, who the start of last week said they may not be able to afford more than one player, then later signed Nemanja Matic, may very well have his ear open to Ronaldo’s “buy me” plea’s which surfaced in the courtroom. Fingers crossed that Ed Woodward, Jose Mourinho and the board at Manchester United will come in with a big transfer bid to prise away the most talented footballer in the world away from the Galacticos.

Ronaldo added in his court statement, “I am an open book. You don’t need to do anything but type my name into Google and everything about Cristiano comes out. For example, Forbes magazine releases all of my earnings.”

Look there’s Ronaldo wanting to leave Madrid… BUY NOW! Credit: DailyMail

It now seems that the move could be back on, and if Manchester United are serious about their title ambitions and Champions League aspirations, now is the time for them to table a bid and go get Cristiano Ronaldo. That would really stir the pot up in during this transfer window.

Cristiano told the court, “I paid everything in 2014. I don’t understand anything about this, I only went to school until my sixth year and the only thing I know how to do is play football well. When my advisors tell me, ‘Cris, it’s okay’ then I believe them.”

We feel sorry for Cristiano, and we urge Manchester United to put the money on the table this Monday to buy the unhappy footballer and bring him back home to Manchester as soon as possible.

The winning financial returns of having Cristiano in your side will supersede any wages or transfer fee’s in just about no time.

Come on Jose and Ed, it’s time to strike, and Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane will be shaking in his boots. They said they’re prepared to sell Benzema, Bale or Ronaldo this summer, and with Cristiano seeking an exit right now, we could still see CR7 back in the red strip of the Red Devils at the Theatre of Dreams very soon. Let’s hope as we continue to watch this play out.


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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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