Donald Trump Makes Amazing Speech in West Virginia

Whilst the very fake establishment news channels like the BBC and CNN harp on about the false narrative of Russian collusion in the 2016 election, where Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Democrat party lost epicly, Donald Trump held a speech at a rally in Huntington, West Virginia to enlighten those out there that might be brainwashed by establishment news.

Naturally, none of these brainwashed sheep were in attendance at this rally in West Virginia and the 45th President made things very clear, in no uncertain words, about many issues and topics that are close to his heart and that’s close to the hearts of patriotic American’s across the land.

Before we marvel in Donald Trump’s brilliant speech, let’s be clear about how the well-informed mass public of the world and in the United States are well aware of the establishment’s fake news, bias and pathetic news coverage and also for their evil ulterior motives in trying to turn people against Donald J. Trump, and frankly many people are sick of it, as they see through all the establishment’s lies.

This speech comes on the back of the topic of legal immigration and to how this White House administration believes in the immigration policy of those that can speak English, that can enhance the country and not be a burden to the nation (as it is in Europe nowadays) but also that immigration into America is for people who love America and that respect America and that wish to assimilate and not do the opposite. Somehow, that seemed to be a problem for CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta to understand as he gets wrecked by White House advisor Stephen Miller (let’s look at that here, a little later). First, let’s hear Donald Trump’s marvellous speech, shall we? (don’t mind the musical intro, by the way, the best is yet to come.)

Here’s just some of the gem statements during President Donald J. Trump’s speech, please enjoy these home truth’s, once again.

“In America we don’t worship government, we worship God”.

“We believe in god, we believe in family, we believe in country”.

“We support the constitution of the United States of America”.

“We believe schools should teach students to love our country, to have pride in our history and to respect our great American flag”.

“We don’t need advice from the Washington Swamp”.

“We will make America wealthy again”.

“We know there are powerful forces in Washington, who want to stop us, but we won’t let them”. – Donald J. Trump

During his speech it also saw West Virginia’s governor, the agriculture and coal mine magnate Jim Justice, announcing his switch from being a Democrat to being a Republican and thus showing his full support for Donald J. Trump, which is a righteous and symbolic slap in the face to the Democrat party, in full view of the public eye of America and the whole world, but you won’t hear about that on the very fake news channels, will you? Jim Justice is registering as a Republican and in his own words “it’s time to run another play”.

Jim Justice re-registers as a Republican governor of West Virginia. Credit: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Hats off to Jim Justice for making a political stance in support of Donald J. Trump, your president, yes you too Democrats, he’s your president, he’s even Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s president, too.

So on another note, when will Republican defectors in the congress & senate vote to repeal the very failing Obamacare? It’s only a mater of time, we hope… We lost all and any respect we had left for John McCain, but we wish him well…

Let’s also remind American’s that over 63 million people supported Donald Trump in the election and even more people support him across the world that continually praise him, from the United Kingdom, Sweden, India, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, to just about every country in the world. Only socialists, satanists and brainwashed fake news sheep viewers, don’t see all the good that he is doing.

President Trump and his West Virginia fans. Credit: Business Insider

That’s why they’ve amassed nicknames such as “delusionals”, “snowflakes”, “marxists”, “communists” and “liberal intolerants”, “satanists” and “delusional democrats”.

The stock market hit a new record at 22,000 (22% highest ever). Jobs are on the rise, consumer confidence is up and the borders are being tightened and nationalism and patriotism is on the rise across the nation. Soon we are all allowed to say “Merry Christmas” again, as political correctness is called out for its backwards thinking. Plus, the MS-13 gang are being deported, ISIS is being eradicated, there’s a crackdown on human trafficking, also pedophile rings are being sent to jail. As it should be. And, Donald Trump promises to use funds on the depleting infrastructure of America, with a $1trillion bill that is a third of the money that has been used to destroy much of the Middle East by previous U.S. Presidency’s, leaving it millions times worse off. Incredible, isn’t it? (major applause for Donald Trump)

Plus on an ending note, Donald J. Trump has impeccable karma and there’s no such thing as any Russian collusion in the 2016 U.S.A election, since this is nothing but an establishment fabricated news story to try and cover up for Hillary Clinton’s epic election loss, due to the corrupt presidency of Barack Obama where she reared her dirty hands and failure was a staple of those eight years. Great speech President Donald J. Trump. Keep on Winning, my friend!

It’s now time to replace Obamacare!

And, please investigate Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails, too.


Donald J. Trump is a hero of the whole wide world. God loves you!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Credit: Charleston Gazette

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