Rita Ora Shows off Her Bikini Body on Instagram

This Thursday wouldn’t be complete without a little skin, during these hot summer days, would it? So, we’re not going to leave you high and dry and let you miss out on the shapely form of Rita Ora, the sometimes songstress, sometimes TV presenter and avid photo’d celebrity fodder icon of Instagram snaps and paparazzi flashed photo pariah, without the voice of Mariah, but who cares, since this is Rita Ora and it sure does look like she’s having a ton of fun.

Let’s get into this straight way, shall we? Since Rita Ora has shared some holiday snaps in the sun and the world is definitely taking notice of her Instagram, as a result.

Phwoar! Hello Ora, nice pose! Orange is the new phat! “PH”, mind you. Credit: RitaOra/IG

Rita Ora, 26-years-old who was originally discovered by Jay-Z, doesn’t always make music, but when she’s not, she’s taking pictures or being taken pictures of, as you can see here. Some even think that she’s the “Becky” with the “good hair” as Beyonce said on her song “Lemonade”, but this cannot be confirmed, in any way shape of form…

Looking like a Bond Girl, about to take a dip. Credit: RitaOra/IG

But she does have a nice shape and form, right? Here she’s matching the handle bars, and you might need to grab a hold of something, just to be safe. Hang on tight, there’s more of Rita to come…

Credit: RitaOra/IG

No fun in the sun is complete without some fresh coconut juice, no not Vita Coco, as promoted by Rihanna, we mean that real coconut juice, as we see Rita sucking up on, right there.

Credit: RitaOra/IG

Now some would call this ample and some would say it’s just a low angle, only Rita knows what she’s really intending here, but we’re not complaining, are you?

Caribbean vibes. Credit: RitaOra/IG

Here she is in a knitted bikini now, the kind that stays wet if you take a dip in the ocean, since why not? Not all bikini’s are for swimming, are they? They can also be decorative pieces of fashion and here there’s a definitive Caribbean vibe with the colours of green, yellow and red, to take your eyes away from Rita’s assets.

Wet and Wild. Credit: RitaOra/IG

The Your Song hit-maker gave her fans a real eyeful on her holiday in the Caribbean, (Jamaica to be exact), and she’s probably doing a bit of hopping from place to place, like Island hopping (get your mind out of the gutter) to touch up on her tan.

She wrote on her social media post, “Likkle bit burnt.”

Yes, Rita you almost went full lobster but luckily you didn’t since then you need somebody to smear you up in Aloe Vera, to cure the burn. Any volunteers, if so? Please, tell us in the comments section.

This comes on the back of rumours that she’s dating Ronnie Wood, the son of Rolling Stones’ Tyrone Wood, after they have been dating for a few months.

A source told the Sun newspaper that, “Rita and Tyrone met last year but have only recently taken their relationship to the next level. While it’s all quite new, they’re getting on really well and have even been on holiday quietly together”

So, seemingly Rita who has been known to get around like a record, sort of, since dating isn’t easy, but she might have just met her match with Tyrone Wood, so congratulations to you both.

We suspect that he was the one taking the photos. So, thanks for sharing and brightening up people’s day with your bikini snaps, Rita. Cheers luv!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Independent

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