Neymar Jr. Undergoes Medical in Porto Before Imminent Signing for PSG

Brazilian international number 10, and a third of Barcelona’s “MSN” of Messi, Suarez and the latter himself “Neymar”, is now set to leave to sign for Paris Saint Germain (PSG) within the next forty-eight hours, as Neymar Jr. just arrived in Porto to complete his medical. Yes, Neymar Jr. is set to put pen to paper on a 5-year contract and a transfer fee deal of £196million, with a weekly wage of £596,000 a week. Now let that sink in for a minute, then breath and let’s carry on.

Undoubtedly, Neymar Jr. is one of the most talented and skillful young stars of World Football with an immense marketability, with years ahead of him and with undeniable talents on the football pitch, so it’s not really surprising in this current transfer market that he commands such a huge sum of money, especially when Paris Saint Germain are a Qatari backed football club, owned by Oryx Qatar Sports Investments (QSi) firm since 2011, the country that also wants to stake it’s power over their proposed 2022 World Cup bid, that’s seemingly till set to go ahead. Some people presume this transfer isn’t just a huge bout of business in signing one of football’s biggest stars, but some claim that this transfer is also very political, adding clout to the influence on the 2022 Qatar World Cup bid, which has been questioned but is still set to be played in temperatures of over 40 degrees celsius. Football can be a lot like establishment politics, with so much money on the table, you see? However, ultimately what this is about is football and Neymar Jr. being an incredible player.

Neymar steps out of the vehicle in Porto, where he underwent a medical. Credit: AFPGettyImages

Paris Saint Germain are naturally one of the richest clubs in the world as a result of the 2011 take over, and whilst they’re sure to win almost every Ligue 1 campaign in France, it’s the Champions League that they really wish to conquer. Consequentially, in signing Neymar Jr. they can make a real challenge for next season in the Champions League, with him teaming up with the likes of striker Edson Cavani, plus with fellow countrymen Lucas Moura and Thiago Silva, and also with the incredibly astute winger from Germany, Julian Draxler. PSG will by no means be pushover’s but can they really claim a Champions League title next season? Only time will tell…

Perhaps, Neymar Jr. got tired of not occupying the full spotlight whilst at Barcelona, playing alongside and under the more famous Lionel Messi, even though they played wonderfully together, perhaps a part of Neymar Jr. wanted to be the sole king at one club, like he would be at PSG. Or perhaps it was the contract offer that dwarfed his current deal at Barcelona, with £596,000 a week, since it makes him the highest paid player in Europe by a wide margin. Or could Barcelona have been unable to turn down such a big offer of £196million, but with add-ons that could take the full deal to £398million cost for PSG, some of which will also go back to Barcelona’s bank account.

Clearly money is no problem for PSG and the Oryx Qatar Sports Investments (QSi) group, who had to really splay the bread on the table to prise Neymar Jr. away from Barcelona and the Camp Nou outfit, because he was even seen as the long-term replacement of Lionel Messi once he would retire or depart Barcelona.

Sensationally last week, whilst Barcelona wrapped up their participation in the International Champions Cup in America, when fellow players called for Neymar Jr. to stay at FC Barcelona, he got caught up in a training ground scuffle and argument with new Portuguese defender Nelson Semedo, which saw Neymar Jr. storm off the training ground. This was quite a significant incident involving a new right back from Portugal, perhaps serving as some sort of final match to the flame in Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona, amidst all the transfer talk of him heading to PSG beforehand. Surely, Nelson Semedo won’t be everyone’s favourite new player for Barca, any time soon.

Neymar as we’re used to seeing him, celebrating goals. Credit: GettyImages

So with Neymar set to leave Barcelona, this has sparked AS Monaco to add an extra £10million to the original proposed fee of £168million for Kylian Mbappe, trying to interest Barcelona in his talents pending the departure of their Brazilian star, making way for a potential bidding war between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the services of the young French striker. Apart from Mbappe it is believed that Barcelona are prepared to offer £100million to Liverpool for the services of Philippe Coutinho, which will be difficult for Liverpool to turn down or will it? Since Jurgen Klopp wants his side to compete for the Premier League title, but with Coutinho reportedly desperate to leave, it’s going to prove to be a challenge to keep Coutinho at Merseyside willingly.

Other Barcelona targets upon Neymar’s departure are Ousmane Dembele of Borussia Dortmund and Antoine Griezmann, with the former, a likely easy deal, whilst the latter will not happen, at all.

There was said to be no grand farewell speech by Neymar to his teammates, although he did say farewell to them, but Lionel Messi did post up on social media with his message to Neymar, “It was a huge pleasure to share these years with you my friend Neymar. I wish you the best of luck in the new stage of your life.” Expect to see Neymar Jr. signed, sealed and delivered on Friday at the latest.

And like that, Neymar’s gone…

Brainstain, over and out!

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