Tacoma Released Today on PC (Steam), Mac, Linux and Xbox One

So what’s very hot in the gaming world today is the release of the Sci-Fi story Tacoma, a story about the fictional Venturis AI corporation. The game immerses you into a 1st Person world aboard a space station craft in outer space, which many fans have been waiting for, for a very long time, indeed. Sci-Fi fans are seriously nerding out right now, as they download and pre-order their copies right to their doorstep.

In being apart of the Tacoma 88 fleet, destined for a return to Earth someday soon, you’re located 200,000 miles away from home and what’s eye catching is the in-game AI, which is ironic because the game is heavily based around the onboard AI of “Oden” as well as with a strong storyline and very human like characters stuck aboard a Lunar space station. So, what troubles lay ahead for Tacoma 88? Keep reading and watching and you will find out, but first let’s see the trailer for the game that was initially set for release in 2016, but was later pushed back to August 2nd, 2017, following on from “playtesters” feedback in mid 2015, about how to make the game even better.

It looks pretty cool, right? The game relies heavily on the story line and the claustrophobic sensation you get being aboard a lunar space station with your colleagues in the game, making you feel like you’re almost in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey film, so what’s not to like? Who doesn’t want to lose yourself “sky high” in space and feel like a real astronaut for once?

The game made by Fullbright is about how the Venturis are wanting their AI back and that’s where you come in. Whilst on your mission, you’ll learn the whole story of a crew that’s engulfed in an imminent disaster, where fear, trust and finding solutions in surviving is pushed to the limit on a mission that goes horribly wrong.

The official Fullbright, concept states: ‘Tacoma is the next game from the creators of Gone Home, and carries on that tradition of detailed, immersive, and powerful storytelling, while pulling players deeper into the narrative than ever before.’

Now, let’s check out 15 minutes of immersive gameplay from Tacoma, making you feel like you’re aboard the lunar station yourself, and what’s clear is the super realistic interaction between character and we’re sure you can guess what happens next? Yes, evidently something goes wrong, putting you out there in outer space, with a mission to get back home.

This is the second game release from Fullbright, following up from their first (and slightly controversial) game Gone Home, and this new game has been many years in the making and let’s hear it from the game makers themselves, shall we?

This is set to be a game which is much like a Sci-Fi film that will draw you into immersive isolation with stranded crew members in outer space, whom you will all get to know personally throughout the game, and thus be propelled into an adventure, where you must make it out alive. Just remember to be patient, as being stuck in space, might take a while. Since seemingly you’re most definitely going to get stranded out in space. Sounds pretty cool unless your claustrophobic…

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Featured Photo Credit: Giant Bomb

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