Anthony Scaramucci Let Go From Communication’s Director Post

Unfortunately, yesterday Anthony Scaramucci fell victim to retired general and new Chief of Staff John Kelly’s appointment, after Anthony Scaramucci fired Reince Priebus days earlier, after calling him out as a leaker, after some 126 leaks out of the White House as was reported by Sebastian Gorka (deputy assistant to the President) to MSNBC on July 11th, which has compromised national security. It’s not known or nor can it be officially confirmed that Priebus was a leaker, but seemingly so, otherwise he would not have been fired by Scaramucci and this also being accepted by Donald Trump.

So now, even though Anthony Scaramucci was let go from the Communication’s Director post, after he successfully fired Reince Priebus from his post, all in all, it’s a job well done from Anthony Scaramucci, who’s still a much loved figure in America with his immediate fans, even after only eleven days occupying the Communication’s post, since there are those that really appreciate his loyalty and with his passionate backing of President Donald J. Trump in these deluded times of Establishment intervention and fake news reporting. Message to Scaramucci, we will miss you, you were a breath of fresh air and we hope that he will still have a role somewhere, within being an advisor to Donald J. Trump and also a forever friend of the President. Anyway, let’s hope so, as loyalty is key, something that Donald J. Trump knows full well.

Gone for now, but not forgotten, Anthony Scaramucci. Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Clearly, John Kelly thought it was best that they’d let Anthony go, after his comments to the New York Times were deemed inappropriate, but let’s hope Donald Trump still has an ongoing relationship with Anthony Scaramucci, somebody that the majority of Patriots alike, like, for his “straight shooter” approach, which is the sign of truly a pure New York businessman. So, chin up, Anthony, “forget about it”.

So, whilst Anthony’s comments were said to be off the record to a New York Times reporter, they were thenleaked on the record, where he called Priebus a “f*cking paranoid schizophrenic” and he also said other ill-timed things about Steve Bannon, which wasn’t very smart, but also he apologised not long after, but it doesn’t mean that The White House administration is in chaos, as the fake news media would like to have you believe.

Saying a prayer in The White House. Credit: ChristianToday

Now, let’s tell you why the White House is in fact, a very strong unit, going from strength to strength, even without Anthony Scaramucci officially remaining in the frame as Communication’s Director.

The stock market hit a 20% high, which has been rising from straight to strength since Donald Trump took over, plus ISIS are being eliminated in the Middle East from the Trump administration’s actions, plus jobs in America have soared, with employment at it’s highest level since the year of 2001, and ICE are deporting and arresting known criminals who are predominately all illegal immigrants, who keep on committing heinous crimes. These “bad hombres” as Donald J. Trump put it (many from the MS-13 gang) are finally being ejected from America, never to return, something which the Democrats failed to do, plus there’s the ongoing arrests and prosecution of pedophiles across the nation, which is another under reported truth, which has many sick individuals running scared (read here and here).

Plus, you never heard about Democrats hunting down pedophiles and the figure is continually rising with more and more arrests of these sick people that prey on innocent children. But what else is a success? Well, soon the border wall on the southern line of America will commence being built, so there’s that campaign promise too, that the White House is also accomplishing, as we speak.

Clearly, the White House is working as a well oiled machine, so do not be fooled by the fake-socialist-globalist news networks and their lies and attempts to buckle President Trump, because it isn’t working.

Trump & Gorka, a righteous team. Credit: BusinessInsider

Sebastian Gorka appeared last night on Hardtalk on the BBC, where he set the record straight on Scaramucci being let go, and also about why Donald J. Trump won the election on November 8th, pointing out the current state of the Establishment’s very fake news and their pathetic ways in trying for ten months to claim some sort of collusion in the election, in pursuing the fake Russian narrative without any evidence. He lambasted the BBC and mainstream media for all the lies that the Establishment tries to spin to manipulate public opinion, with only susceptible sheep viewers believing in it.

Let’s just put it this way, Sebastian Gorka put Stephen Sackur in his place (applause) and rightly so, as people are really, very sick of the BBC’s socialist and satanic news reporting by now…

Public trust in channels like the BBC and CNN, has fallen so much so, that most people only watch it for seeing what the next fake news spin will be… (face palm)

What’s clear is that there’s still quite a few Establishment Republican cronies inside Congress, but soon enough, Obamacare will finally be repealed and replaced and the current White House administration will continue to go from strength to strength and they will just keep on “winning”.

The White House is doing just fine. Credit:

God bless America, and it’s most definitely President Donald J. Trump against the Establishment, in bringing good things back to the people of America and the world by putting America first, ahead of an elitist agenda of which we cannot speak of, since we don’t really know much about it… anyway…

Now we wish to send out our “Best Wishes” to Anthony Scaramucci and we will truly miss you. And, let’s hope that John Kelly serves as a great Chief of Staff in The White House, as we’re sure that he will.

P.S. in other news, Democrat Wasserman Schultz is caught up in a major scandal, which you won’t catch on the Establishment news media, since she will be investigated for further smashed up hard drives, a seeming staple action of the colluded Democrat party, amidst the scandal of which you can read all about right here.

Brainstain, over and out!

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