UFC 214: Jon “Bones” Jones and Cris Cyborg Justino Destroy the Competition

Good morning loyal fans and newbies, welcome to Brainstain. Right here, we’re sort of like a fight club and who doesn’t like to see a good fight? Even if you might not personally like fighting yourself, that raw animal instinct in us, well in some of us, at least, really likes to see two people just go at it, preferably in an Octagon… Much like Gladiators in the Colosseum of Rome, the difference here is that there’s no weapons and no lions, just the lion hearts of fighters who get paid to showcase their sometimes brutal beatings.

So, just in case you missed UFC 214 this weekend, then we’ve got you covered, since it was an epic night and millennial’s would definitely have called it out as being “LIT”…

Up first in review, it saw the return of the infamous and highly skilled former champion Jon “Bones” Jones, coming back to take back what was rightfully his in the first pace, after more than a year away from the Octagon, thus squaring up for a second time against Daniel Cormier. Now if you’d ever put your house down (bet) on somebody winning the fight, you’d have put it on Jones. So, was the result a surprise? Never for us, as they don’t call him “Bones” for nothing. Let’s take a look, shall we? Bone shattering strikes, indeed.

Yes, Jon “Bones” Jones dominated the fight throughout and had Daniel Cormier in compromising situations all night long at the Honda Centre in Anaheim. The rematch which had been two and half years in the making, which did all we knew it would do, which was to showcase that Jon Jones is the greatest Light Heavyweight in UFC history, with his victory regaining him the Light Heavyweight title belt, after serving a 12 month drugs ban. It was all over after a signature head kick to Cormier’s temple in round 3, thus clearly shook up and there was only one way that he was going, and that was down.

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So, it’s always nice when the best of the best win, and it was too much to handle for Daniel Cormier who became teary eyed after his second loss to Jones, even sparking some memes over the Internet, which then also sparked Jon “Bones” Jones to call out the need for a super bout with him, versus Brock Lesnar of the WWE, formerly of the UFC. So, there’s that mammoth fight to look forward to, should Brock Lesnar wish to step up and respond to Jones’ provocation, as surely money signs should be spinning in Dana White’s eyes just by the thought of it happening…

Speaking of the best of the best, there’s nobody more frightening in female UFC fighting than Cris “Cyborg” Justino (formerly Santos) from Curitiba, Brazil, the nations definitive green capital and the big city of the south, and she’s finally reaching the stage where “green” money, will be rightfully hers… After signing to the UFC in 2015, clearly many feared that she would go onto simply destroy everyone in her path and once you see her fight, you will know why… However, isn’t it all about seeing the best of the best competing and winning? Just imagine Cris Cyborg against Ronda Rousey, that’s something that will never happen, luckily for Rousey, as very few wish to step into an Octagon with Cris, who could probably even knock out many men in the UFC, as well. She’s almost more devastating to watch (or is) than seeing Mike Tyson in his prime, in a boxing ring. Flattening the competition and frightening the competition, simultaneously.

Credit: ZuffaLLC/GettyImages

Now, some might wonder why we haven’t seen much of “Cyborg” Justino since 2015, and it’s because the UFC were unable to fit her into a certain weight category, as she struggled fighting through the pain barrier to make weight at 140 lbs to fight Lina Lansberg (who lost, because she couldn’t defend herself), then Justino was called out for a USADA doping violation as a result, in December of 2016, but her corner (team) cited her need to use a substance for the excruciating pain she went through to cut weight, since she used a substance to help her recover from losing weight in such a devastating manner, as she did. This is what they had found to be true, so by February 17th, 2017, she was granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) and her suspension was lifted, so she could re-enter the Octagon. About time too…

In March 2017, Cris Cyborg gave up her Invicta Featherweight title and called out Germaine de Randamie of the Netherlands, to fight her for the UFC belt at UFC 214, but Germaine refused to fight her, saying that she was a “drug cheat” which resulted on June 19th of her belt being stripped away from her grasp. Clearly Germaine de Randamie was too petrified to fight Cyborg, which then prompted the UFC to select Megan Anderson, who declined due to personal reasons (see a pattern yet) and which now brought us to this past weekend’s fight against Tonya Evinger. Unlike Germaine and Megan, Tonya Evinger is a really good sport, but as she walked towards the Octagon, she knew and everyone else knew, that there was only ever going to be one winner. Watch!

Now Cris Cyborg took it relatively easy on Tonya Evinger here, before finishing her in the 3rd round, but at least the best in the world wins her title and rightfully so. Plus, this belt will be hers, for all eternity, we think. Parabens (congratulations) Cris! We applaud you here in our office, since at Brainstain, we are all about the best “winning” and in celebrating the best, it celebrates the great achievers in life. Since, we’re not for participation trophies (mediocrity) here, it’s just not our style.

Cris Cyborg has now called on Holly Holm to step into the ring with her next. Will Holly Holm be woman enough to get into the Octagon against her? Or will she run for the hills? Let’s see…

So, it’s nice to see both Jon “Bones” Jones and Cris Cyborg (the best of the best), wearing their UFC belts, isn’t it?

Brainstain, over and out!

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