Why Dating a Liberal Snowflake is Impossible

In these liberally indoctrinated and brainwashed times of the youth in the western world, let’s call it at most people between the ages of 18-years-old to 28-years-old, since during recent times there’s most definitely been a perennial shift in the minds of the people who attended high school, universities and also sat through 8-years of Barack Obama as President, whilst watching CNN & the newly socialist channel BBC, like mindless zombies and simply regurgitating the liberal agenda’s information without any thought of their own to speak of and with this socialist conditioning by mass media news channels, it really can make the prospect of finding somebody lovely, nearly impossible.

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The dating pool has become way too liberally indoctrinated. Credit: Pinterest

Yes, in these times of Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, Unilad, Ebaumsworld and with their liberal agenda, with everything being about race, race baiting, racism, accepting unassimilated Muslim migrants into our countries, and accepting refugee rapes (as okay?) and taking political correctness to whole new levels of crazy, plus with spiralling feminism matched with a Burqa, plus transgenderism, gender equality arguments and the youth being convinced that children or teens or even adults are justified to be able to identify with any of the 72 different gender identities (don’t exist), all equates to liberal insanity and unfortunately, in the new dating pool, this is what we have to deal with nowadays.

The definition of the term “special snowflake”. Credit: Gym Class Dropout

Not only is it affecting people in the 18 to 40 age group and beyond, but it’s also having an effect on some marriages (read here), which is quite hilarious, since in these very important political times, the deluded spouse and the logical spouse, one that’s not brainwashed and the other one that is, it might just spell the end of a marriage. However, you can’t blame Donald Trump for it, as the liberal left always tries to do, which is to try to blame him for everything. Since clearly the deluded people only have themselves to blame for believing in fake news (like CNN) and for being completely out of touch with reality. So, let’s put people into two categories, shall we?

There’s the people who know what’s going on, then there’s those people who haven’t got a clue of what’s really happening, so when a marriage or relationship, consists of these two types of very different people, naturally politics plays a big part in the end, as how can you stand your partner, if they’re absolutely clueless and passionately clueless at that? Hmmm… Very funny stuff indeed.

Make sure you note all these down and remember them, so as to placate your liberal significant other. Credit: knowyourmeme

But, in all actuality as much as it is quite hilarious, for those single people still out there wishing to find a partner, somebody good, somebody that ticks all the boxes, which they might do, until they blindly express themselves from the liberal agenda, expressed by the liberal indoctrination in the school system of where they learnt to repeat what they were taught, where they were also pushed the socialist-liberal viewpoint so much so, to only cater into that “one world agenda” narrative, that they’ve become totally blind to corrupt worldwide governmental organisations, their pesky NGO’s and their plans to stain Europe for instance, to that of even emphasising the great “liberal intolerance” of which they were also taught in Universities, High Schools and from colluded news channels, to almost violently opposing anyone with a different view. Fast forward to their love of one-sided entertainment digests and to totally biased popular social media news feeds, which do everything in their power to shut down any conservative views, all in all, it makes the prospect of finding any intelligent and attractive partner, very difficult to find these days.

You know what they say, “one shouldn’t discuss politics” but in all reality, politics is a major factor in the world, especially in the year of 2017.

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So, when you consider that you’ve got one prospective date that says that “I’m not intersected in politics” yet can only comprehend what they’ve already heard from these common sources of fake news and inherently biased information platforms, then you do start to sort of lose interest. Anyhow, to those younger one’s that are out there, who can only be defined as liberally indoctrinated snowflakes (most of the time) are usually between the ages of 18-30, who have totally fallen for all the “BS” of which they blindly nodded along with, which makes dating them, completely impossible.

We’re talking about the people whom are not “free thinkers” and in a world designed to not let you think for yourself, but simply repeat what you have heard, to claim any type of intelligence on any given topic, since they haven’t had the time to research about what’s really going on, then they do become “undateable”.

Perhaps, one day there’ll be a surprise out there, but admittedly the future looks bleak in finding somebody special, with thoughts of their own, like finding a critical thinker and or a person that’s aware and also really lovely, at the same time.

Probably better to not try at all, especially if you have a good time on your own. Credit: Funny Joke Pictures

What you are more likely to find is somebody who thinks that Jeremy Corbyn, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Linda Sarsour, Black Lives Matter and Angela Merkel are some sort of patron saints of liberal freedom, when they’re anything but that… To also that of Angelina Jolie being seen as some sort of Mother Theresa, and George Clooney being seen as some sort of a celebrity Pope figure, plus with Madonna also being seen as some sort of beacon of anything positive, at all…

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So, let’s move now to a famous film quote, and we all know this one, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn’t exist” – The Usual Suspects

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So, happy dating everyone! God forbid (he or she’s) a snowflake-social justice warrior, as they really-truly are out there (you know?) which makes them totally undateable and completely clueless…Best to check beforehand, we suppose.

Brainstain, over and out!

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