The Sims 4 is Coming to Gaming Consoles

Don’t have a life? Do not fear, because The SIMS 4 has just been announced and confirmed to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on November 17th, 2017. Yes, the Electronic Arts – Maxis and The Sims Studio developed game which first launched in 2014 on PC and on Mac in 2015, is now going to converge onto the more popular gaming consoles of Xbox One and Playstation 4, so that more people can enjoy playing this wondrous game.

This is good news, since for those people that simply do not have time for a life, to those that cannot afford one or even to those that really do not want a life, or to those that really do not even like real people at all, can now simply live through the character generated lives of their Sims, instead.

Yes, very convenient, indeed, that this hugely immersive and addictive game, will be available on PS4 and Xbox One in just a few months time. So, let’s check out the official launch trailer now, shall we?

So, this fun filled game will let you build your own dream home, create your own characters and really build the life of your dreams, right from the comfort of your own sofa, since you may not have the time for that in real life, you see?

Imagine all the wonderful SIMS you will be able to meet in your game, you can go out and party, or go on dates, then get married, have kids, maybe get divorced or have an affair, or just do it all by the book, as life intended it to be.

Senior Producer of The SIMS 4, Michael Duke wrote on the Playstation Blog, “The current generation of hardware has enabled us to translate code to PlayStation 4 without any major system changes, so that it is no longer about which platform has the superior version, but where you like to play,”

What does this mean? Well, this means that more of the actual in-game perks of the PC and Mac version, translates over well to the console version, so you won’t be getting a toned down version of the humongous game and or any lacklustre AI which was experienced on previous console releases, since with the high standard of the original 2014 PC version converting nicely over onto your PS4 or Xbox One, so you know you’ll be getting the whole shebang with add-on-packs already inside the game, including  “Life of The Party” and “Up All Night”, “Dine Out” and the list goes on, out of the Deluxe Party Edition game. So, at least on the console release you won’t need to buy additional add-ons.

So, is there ever a better time to start playing The SIMS 4? The Answer is no, but you’ll have to wait until the 18th of November, 2017, in order to get your hands on a copy. Until then to keep you busy, buy the PC version here.

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