Is Too Much Social Media Self Promotion A Lot Like Masturbation?

Who remembers the year of 2007? That’s ten years ago now, which was the year and time when most people joined Facebook and we could immediately find our old friends from years passed and connect with anyone around the world. We could “Poke” whoever we wanted, it seemed… Until that fad passed, as well, but it really went some way to change how we all communicate today, for better or for worse.

What’s also changed in the last ten years is the behaviours and response of how and what people now share on Facebook, since in the beginning it saw people upload every picture ever known to man (apart from those types of pictures, of course) of their families, holiday snaps, pics of nights out on the town, self-promotional sharing of jargon-like photos, as if anybody really cared, but it was funny since when Facebook was brand new, people did look at each other photos and were intrigued to catch up on the lives of people, that you hadn’t seen or heard from, or would ever think of keeping in touch with, unless Facebook entered our lives. What people upload and share, has changed for some users over the years, since some have even taken to Instagram since 2010, to share their photos there, which was cleverly snapped up by Facebook for a bargain $1 billion in 2012.

Of course, now most photos will be found on Instagram, which is an all-consuming place, where you can enjoy the photos of others. However, is too much social media self-promotion a lot like masturbation?

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Now symbolically speaking, how much social media masturbation is considered healthy and how much is just too much? At what stage should you start becoming concerned about the amount of pictures and photos that you share on social media? We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with it, quite on the contrary, but in the age of selfies and Instagraming every meal that you eat, or perhaps taking a picture every time that you go to the gym (so people really know that you go there), when does one ever stop and think, “who am I really uploading these for?”

Are you doing it for you? Are you doing it for some sort of momentary feeling of gratification to service your ego, when you get a “like” from somewhere? Are you doing it for other people, so that they know that you exist? And, that you are still alive… Who knows?

We like Facebook (sort of) and they like us back, and also Instagram, of course, very much, since when else could you look at beautiful landscapes, envy those Travel Instagramers, then catch up on your friends lives, then jump straight into pictures of somebody’s buttocks, all in the same sitting. The days of when your mom used to tell you, “don’t stare at the screen for too long or your eyes will go square” are now all but well and truly over…

Now some studies have said that posting too many selfies are a sign of loneliness, mental illness, psychopathy, narcissism, and generally they could be an unhealthy form of self improvement or a way in which to feed your ego, right?

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Who are we to judge? And, how can scientists make those presumptions, even? Is there a direct link between too much social media self promotion and mental health problems? Could there be a link to too many selfies and vanity?

Nobody knows… As it does feel good to share, it’s equally as nice to just share things with yourself at times, in a world where our privacy is in danger, we must also marvel in keeping a lot of our lives private, as is also exemplified by Mark Zuckerberg covering his cameras on all his devices, to Edward Snowden exposing that your smart phone and all your app’s are most definitely tuning into your life, almost as if you’re the star of your very own Truman Show.

“Sharing is caring” as they say, so sometimes when you’re not sharing, are you then missing out on potentially new things coming into your life, just because you decided to be quiet on the social media front, or is it the other way around? Do we really need to feel the need to advertise ourselves, all the time? You know the feeling, when you haven’t shared anything in a while, you almost feel like, you have to. It’s a funny world and even just imagining the next generation and how their lives will be or already are, makes you sort of grateful that you were around way before Facebook and social media app’s were considered the bee’s knee’s.

So, does sharing elements of your life on social media really accomplish anything? Now we will go off and think about this some more, but please do tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for tuning in for some midday philosophy and we’ll be back with some more of these, in the very near future…

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