The True State of the USA: Donald Trump Visits West Virginia Boy Scout Jamboree

It’s time for a reality check, away from all the “Fake News” in order to show you the true popularity of Donald Trump, once and for all. Since, who’s been sick of the “Fake news” against Donald Trump, since he announced his run for president, then the GOP nominations & debates, then him winning the nomination, then with his landslide Presidential victory over Hillary Clinton, then to the left wing’s continuous and pathetic attempts to undermine him as a great president, with biased media coverage and yet more Fake News, so who’s sick of it? We are!

So, in kind, we decided to share this, since we know the mainstream media will not even cover it, as President Donald J. Trump (yes, your President) visited the West Virginia Boy Scout Jamboree in front of a crowd of 45,000 Americans. So, let’s take a look at this epic crowd, shouting “USA, USA” and by Christmas next year, everyone will be allowed to say “Merry Christmas” without causing offence again. These are truly great times and with more great times still ahead for the nation and for the whole world. Bless him, since he never gets fair coverage, so we must share this far and wide, so put this in an email and forward it, please.

Despite what the “Fake News” media says with fictional Russian collusion, plus with their attempts to undermine American “Patriotism” and much needed “Nationalism”, for the sake of their own evil agenda of the losing Democrat mentality, it’s clear that America is turning into a “Trump Nation”, despite all the pursuits of mass media “Brainwashing” in trying to sway people’s perceptions against him. However, it’s really not working at all, so let’s hear when Donald J. Trump breaks it down in his speech to the 45,000 strong crowd, shall we?

This is something that proves how much of America actually supports Donald J. Trump, with his approval rating already going way up, jobs and employment are on the increase, the economy is now much more stable than in many years, plus the stock market has reached record high’s, plus consumer spending confidence has gone way up, yet the “Fake News” media wants to paint a different story……(sigh) Nobody cares anymore about the mainstream fake mass media.

So, that’s why it is important to share this article to all the delusional Democrats and clueless socialist aficionados across the land, for this is the true state of the USA, right now. And, we like it very much. Yes, in the words of Anthony Scaramucci, President Donald J. Trump does indeed have very good “karma” and we agree with that statement 100%.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Herald-Mail

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