Meet Anthony Scaramucci: Communication’s Director

In the light of the recent departure of Sean Spicer as Donald Trump’s Communication’s Director, some Democrats and Socialists saw this as some sort of victory, however, they weren’t banking on Trump’s replacement, Anthony Scaramucci to take over. At Brainstain, we are now applauding this new talent, who has come in and is set to take over from the venomous fake news handling and clearly nobody does it better than Anthony Scaramucci.

If you’re a conservative, a republican or just a human being with decency, intelligence and any common sense, then this should bring you lots and lots of joy. Watch!

CNN’s Jake Tapper’s fake smug smile cannot be denied, with his sheepish grin and his muppet-puppet teleprompter antics, is clearly shaken here and at our office, we applaud this to no end. Please pass Jake Tapper a big box of tissues, asap! Jake Tapper and CNN definitely need Kleenex for their liberally-backwards tears of perpetual losing, that they will now continue to experience from now on, until 2020 and onwards.

Now that Anthony Scaramucci has replaced Sean Spicer, expect the levels of the fake news media’s failings to multiply even further, as clearly Scaramucci takes no prisoners in a verbal battle and he will end all robotic newscasters on the spot. (Huge Applause)

But, since that snippet might not be enough, let’s see the full slaying on CNN, where Scaramucci takes on the “Fake News” media and puts Jake Tapper in a symbolic TV News Media grave, six feet deep, under ground. A joy to behold. Watch!

Clearly Scaramucci is for the philosophy of “America First” and not Democrat Party collusion, just like President Donald J. Trump and most Republicans are, whom are wishing to bring back the glory days to The United States of America, and this is already happening, which you’d realise if you got your news from credible non-fake news sources, that are readily available online.

Whilst the Fake News media, who are run by the (take one guess) continue to spread deceit and want to operate under elitist lies, there’s the effervescent and burgeoning strength and intelligence of the people that are very much “hip to the skip” of mass media lies in the heartland of America, to that of their inherent brainwashing and they pay absolutely no attention to the colluded left-wing and biased news coverage that they provide, over channels like CNN, BBC, and other mainstream media channels. A place where they invent fake news stories and try to use their powers of televised lies to further their corruption agenda, and thus try to make up untrue stories against Donald J. Trump.

Such is the sore loser mentality of the losing left and their wish to further corrupt and destroy America, which sits with the Democrat party and with Socialists, who have lost “so-so” much over the last 20 months, including their own dignity and self-respect.

This has since brought on the “Great Meme War” on CNN amongst the youth of America, plus amongst other icons like the social media sensation of Pepe “Lord Kek” the Frog, who is everyone’s favourite animal symbol of a conservative meme god, that keeps on popping up all over the Internet, under the veil of “Righteous Freedom” against all the evil forces that are out there in the world. i.e. he’s not a white nationalist symbol (as Google states), but a conservative symbol, that the devilish elite agenda will want to have you believe, symbolises “white nationalism”, but in reality Pepe is a symbol of conservative and nationalistic views of preservation of doing what’s right (in times of liberal stupidity), which has absolutely nothing to do with race, but to do with “doing good” in the world and by the American people.

Scaramucci holds the Press’ attention in a recent briefing. Credit: TheHollywoodReporter

So, do we think Anthony Scaramucci is a revelation, following on from Sean Spicer? “Yes we do” and we can’t wait to follow him, as he takes on the fake news media on a daily basis, as Donald Trump’s new Communication’s Director, which will give the fake news media someone to battle with and it’s set to be a great spectacle to watch unfolding before our very eyes.

Scaramucci recently told the media that he thinks that they should (doesn’t mind) switch on the cameras at the Press Briefings again, (applause!) and we sincerely hope they do, so that we can get a front row seat of this imminent battle of Scaramucci against the fake news media. So, don’t forget to bring them all a box of tissues, after all the future “winning” which is still coming to America.

We welcome Anthony Scaramucci. Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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