Josep Guardiola Spends £133 Million On Full Backs

Josep “Pep” Guardiola has not been very shy with his Middle Eastern backed Manchester City bank balance of late, but when has he ever been, since his arrival? So far, he has spent around £170 million, which is a million miles away from the spending power that he used to have at Barcelona and at Bayern Munich, so can we blame him for spending flagrantly on many good players? Maybe not, but it’s all very gratuitous at this stage, as the spending is seemingly set to only continue.

Of course, the transfer market has also changed drastically in the last few seasons within regard to price, the seeming inflation on player prices and generally in the way of how business is now conducted, when tying down the best players for their best years. But to say that Pep Guardiola is watching what he spends, is a major understatement. Manchester City is currently under a mini-overhaul of players, especially in the Full back and Wing-Back department. Yes, Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy and Aleksandar Kolarov, all long serving players at the Etihad Stadium have now departed for low transfer fees, most definitely coming to an end of their tenures at Man City, but when you see who has flown in to replace them, there’s no doubting the quality, but there’s a definitive overlooking of balancing the books anywhere, whilst doing so.

Kyle Walker in action after signing for £54 million. Credit: Daily Mail

Firstly Kyle Walker, the athletic English international right back, signed for £54 million from Tottenham Hotspur’s, then only in the last few days, the speedy-lightning paced French attacking left back, Benjamin Mendy of AS Monaco has just flown into Los Angeles this weekend for a medical and he’s set to sign for £52 million. Plus, the more versatile Brazilian full back, Danilo of Real Madrid has also signed for The Citizens for a cool £27 million in the last few days. Now some would say that this is too much money to spend on wing backs and full backs, with a wealth of young talent also available in the youth academy, but seemingly the three replacements have already been tied up and surely Pep Guardiola is now smiling even more now, than usual.

No expenses spared, as Danilo signs on the line. Credit: Daily Mail

It’s clear that Pep Guardiola is planning a serious challenge for the title this coming season, after missing out on a single piece of silverware last season, so he’s been backed with incredible spending power before the campaign starts in less than two weeks. But, who else has he added in other positions so far? Most notably Bernardo Silva, 22, of AS Monaco, who could be seen as the wily future replacement of his namesake counterpart David Silva, whilst fringe players like Wilfried Bony, Samir Nasri, Kelechi Iheanacho and Fabian Delph are all set to depart. However, don’t expect any large transfer fees in return for these players, as without sufficient playing time last season for any of them, their values have plummeted, so expect many EPL middle table sides to be sniffing around already.

Benjamin Mendy is a speed demon and one of the most exciting fullbacks that we have ever seen. Credit: Daily Mail

Now not to throw a spanner into the transfer works of Pep Guardiola, but even though he seems to have limitless cash, he’s seemingly overlooked certain areas of his squad and we now contemplate whether we should give him any tips or not? Hmmmm.

Well, we could, but let’s be very vague and to the point, shall we? In the central positions of all the squad’s positions, right across the field, there’s a definite physical weakness and a lack of leadership and composure, which could spell a leak in central positions across the pitch. Apart from perhaps the midfield, where the backbone could be said to be strong, yet questionable, as in the central defensive positions, with old legs and fragile legs and not the sturdiest of competitors playing in those positions. So, will Pep now read this and start purchasing even more players before the transfer window shuts at 23:59 pm on August 31st?

Only time will tell, since also Manchester City have also not had a strong Pre-Season, playing only one game thus far and they will now face up against Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup on Wednesday and so let’s see how they will play against the Galacticos?

Can you buy yourself overnight/overhaul success? Let’s let Pep Guardiola’s new Manchester City side be the experiment to prove this football hypothesis to be correct or incorrect. Since, is there enough backbone and tradition within the side to carry through the success of this team? It’s sure to be an interesting and long season in the 2017-2018 EPL campaign.

Look at Tottenham Hotspur, they haven’t spent a penny, yet…


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Featured Photo Credit: Sky Sports

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