O.J. Simpson To Be Released From Prison In October

The Juice is free once again after being stuck in a Nevada prison for nine years. No, not for the 1994 crime that some still say that he committed, i.e. the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, of which he was still proven not guilty and acquitted for, but to that of the crime of instructing an armed robbery in Las Vegas at the Palace Station Hotel led by O.J. himself, where he and two other men robbed Bruce Fromong of sports memorabilia from Simpson’s football career at gunpoint.

On the night of September 13th, in 2007, the out of character robbery occurred and it may have come down to a desperation or dispute over a lack of money and Simpson seeking his Sports memorabilia back? Who knows? But days later on September 16th, O.J. Simpson was arrested and then later charged for the crime.

O.J. is free to go in October. Credit: ABCNews

On Thursday, in front of a Nevada parole board, he was granted parole and is now set to be released on October 1st, 2017.  O.J. Simpson looked fresh faced and in good spirits as he faced the parole board, saying he’s a good guy and stated, “I basically have spent a conflict-free life.”

The four parole board members in Carson City voted unanimously for his release, after the 9 year stint in the correctional facility. From American Football legend to The Police Squad & The Naked Gun actor, to that infamous trial which was televised across the globe, some say giving way for the future idea of popular reality television, then to his financial troubles and the subsequent Las Vegas gunpoint robbery.

O.J.’s family after the verdict from the parole board. Credit: NYTimes

The parole board stated that although their decision was difficult, they said that it was “fair and just” and O.J. will now be a free man again, with many expecting him to be sought out by the media for a potential reality TV show, where as also, there’s presumed book deals and other financial avenues that may open up to him again after he settles back into society.

O.J. Simpson joked to the parole board, that while he was in prison, he was able and also invited to cut into lines, something he said which Mike Tyson wasn’t even able to do whilst he was locked up in prison. A good joke or a risky one? Nevertheless, O.J. was his charming old self and he can now look forward to a life of freedom, in roughly 45 days time.

Some wonder whether he may be able to reconnect with his rumoured daughter Khloe Kardashian, who some say is his biological daughter (obviously), which has also been an ongoing rumour in Los Angeles for years now. Only time will tell of what’s next for O.J. Simpson, and although not everyone will agree, it’s surely time now that he can walk free and start over again.

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Featured Photo Credit: New York Post

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