Woman Refused Entry To Busch Gardens For Wearing A Pop Punk Shirt

Nowadays, the world we live in has become so ridiculous, that even simple band merchandise isn’t safe from somebody acting upon some form of politically correct vibe in these liberally deluded times, where anyone might be offended.

This was the case with Rachel Holley from Williamsburg, Virginia. Rachel was denied entry to Busch Gardens, because they believed her pop-punk shirt was “inappropriate”. The band she was sporting was Handgun, and the shirt simply stated the band’s name, with a picture of Stu and Didi from The Rugrats. No actual images of any weapons are shown, nor any kind of violence. See for yourself.

Credit: WTVR

“I felt like a criminal”, the 24-year-old told WTVR. “I was told if a kid were to see this shirt, they might think that guns are OK,” she recalled.

Rachel was told she had to leave the park and come back with a new shirt if she wanted to come back in. When she asked if she could simply turn the shirt inside out, she was still denied entry. In the end, Rachel left the park and returned with a new shirt, where she was then allowed in for the day.

Credit: WTVR

“I found it hypocritical,” she explained. “As soon as I walked into the park and saw [other t-shirts and toy weapons for sale] that were the same level, if not worse than what I had on my shirt.

If I do go back to the park, I’m definitely going to think about what I’m going to wear,” she conceded. “I don’t want to through that again.”

Busch Gardens’ dress code policy requires guests to wear appropriate clothing while in the park, and that clothes with suggestive or explicit language or insulting statements are forbidden.

“We are committed to fostering a safe, family atmosphere in our parks, including the dress code policy noted. One of the responsibilities of our security officers is to determine the appropriateness of guest attire and considering potentially offensive pictures or words printed on clothing is a major factor in their assessment. We are looking into this situation and have been in contact with the guest.” a spokesperson for Busch Gardens commented.

To say this is ridiculous would be a massive understatement, however, it seems that nowadays, absolutely everything must be censored for the children. Even the mere mention of guns, or in this case, just the name of a band who happens to have a weapon name, will influence violence on kids. Apparently nowadays kids are so vulnerable, that even a simple word on its own will trigger them into violence. That simply isn’t the case, and it’s highly doubtful a child would look at that shirt and think “Oh, cool! I want to buy a gun now” especially when there’s literally no images of guns or weapons, and even since children can’t legally buy guys in the first place. The Guns N’ Roses logo has guns, but you don’t hear a single story of a child wanting to get a gun because of their logo. Maybe in the future, people won’t be allowed to wear food shirts anymore, because it’ll offend vegans. Who knows?

The next time you go to a theme park, be careful of what you wear, because somehow it’ll be inappropriate, even if the reason makes little to no sense.

<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: WSET

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