National Enquirer Releases Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Evil Plans To Frame the Trump Family

In this day and age of Establishment media’s fake news, democratic-socialist-satanic collusion on news networks, and CNN being named the Clinton News Network/Clown News Network, it’s surprising yet satisfying that the National Enquirer, famed for its gossip and also for its stellar undercover investigations, being now, a much more trustworthy news source than any and all worldwide mainstream media outlets, such as CNN, BBC, ABC and Sky News.

Such is the “sore loser” reality after the Establishment’s puppet candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump in a major landslide. The whining and “sore liberal” antics of the evil democrat party has been exposed to no end, and whilst the fake news media, tries to perpetuate a false story of Donald Trump Jr. having some sort of colluded meeting with Russia on their fake news channels, with dirt on Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump Jr. released the email chain straight away to the public, whilst Hillary Clinton deleted some circa 33,000 emails from her private email server, whilst Secretary of State under Barack Obama. Let’s name some dirt on Hillary now, that’s been “oh so” true and “oh so” damaging, such as the Benghazi scandal, the Arab spring, the Pizzagate Podesta emails, the definitive ties to “Spirit Cooking” (Satanic Practice) via John Podesta, plus the real Russian narrative of collusion with Russia that actually sits with John Podesta, all along.

Yes, DNC campaign manager John Podesta’s collusion with Russia is the real story, which has been the actual reality all along, behind the backwards fake narrative of Donald Trump Sr. having any sort of colluded aspirations with Vladimir Putin to sway the election in his way.

Hillary has been accused of trying to frame the Trump family for Russian collusion. Credit: Daily Mail

There’s also the scandal of all the fake suicides and mysterious deaths that have happened to DNC staffers, like Seth Rich (murdered outside a bar) or to that of close friends of the Clintons (just dying), that were set to speak or testify against Hillary (read here). The Clinton Foundation has also been exposed as the most corrupt and vile foundation in the history of politics, as has been exposed by Wikileaks, time and time again….

Yes, it’s “oh so” clear that the Establishment Media is “fake news” which has even sparked the great Conservative and Republican “Meme War” directed at CNN. This has been a joy behold and it just won’t stop, ever! Since, people are smarter than the Establishment Media’s fake news by now. So cue the National Enquirer, a publication that’s been around since 1926, with their exclusively true story on Hillary’s plans to try and frame the Trump family, in case, she lost the election. We all know that she lost so epically and now they’re trying their best to perpetrate the “Fake News” via the Fake Establishment News media, by attempting to focus on Donald Trump Jr. in an attempt to bring down the Trump family, but guess what? It’s not going to work, since “Righteousness” always prevails over “Evil”.

The National Enquirer has released an “exhaustive investigation” into crooked Hillary’s attempts at trying to frame Donald Trump Jr. over this Russia sting meeting. This latest fake escapade by the “sore loser” Democratic party was conducted by the help from the group Fusion GPS, who are a commercial research and strategic intelligence firm based in Washington D.C. (go figure!) Drain that Swamp! Fusion GPS was formed in 2009 by two former Wall Street Journal journalists.

Fusion GPS were behind the fake narrative dossier of Trump’s ties to Russia, which were ultimately proven to be completely false. Fusion GPS worked with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskyaya who came into the United States via an unauthorised Visa during Obama’s reign as President, to collude with the Democratic Party in attempting to set up Donald Trump Jr. in a sting with dirt on Hillary (read here).

Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. (right) could be in hot water, but don’t count on it, as the  Democrats are Exposed again. Credit: Daily Mail

The National Enquirer has exposed the Democratic Party’s ties in setting up a meeting with shady lawyer Natalia Veselnitskyaya to that of Donald Trump Jr. who claimed to have significant dirt on Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2016, as if the world needed any more of it, even at that time?

Donald Trump Jr., once this fake news story broke a week or more so ago, released the email chain and showed full transparency, straight away.

The National Enquirer exposed that Fusion GPS had a significant interest in smearing up the Trump family in an attempt to get Hillary Clinton into The White House, which should come as no surprise, being that the firm is also based in Washington D.C. The firm Fusion GPS also were involved in the fake dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steel’s claims about Donald Trump in Russia, published back in January, of which Buzzfeed were also exposed along with CNN, to that of it all being a humongous hoax (read The Washington Post, right here). Yes, a totally Fake and Unverified work of fiction, sending Christopher Steel packing from his Surrey home, in fear for his life.

Anyway, Fusion GPS have now protected themselves regarding this set up with the meeting with the female Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr., stating, “Fusion GPS learned about this meeting from news reports and had no prior knowledge of it. Any claim that Fusion GPS arranged or facilitated this meeting in any way is absolutely false.”

Pages from The Enquirer covering this story. Credit: Daily Mail

Former CIA officer Larry C. Johnson said on the matter of Clinton and the Fusion GPS involvement, “To put it in spy terms it was like a honey trap, only they weren’t selling sex to Donald Jr., they were selling fictitious dirt of Hillary”.

He added, “And once they bit on the meeting, they had him right where they wanted him!”

A congressional source, revealed as to why GPS Fusion would wish to help Hillary Clinton, “These guys had a vested personal interest and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.”

Furthermore, former Presidential candidate of 2012, Mitt Romney, was also smeared by Fusion GPS by the Democratic party to get Barack Obama re-elected in his 2nd term, and then continued the trend in attempting to do so now in 2016 and 2017, against the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

The Enquirer points out that Fusion have previously worked directly with Natalia Veselnitskyaya, but seemingly where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire and in 2012, Veselnitskyaya worked with Fusion “to undermine a 2012 American law called the Magnisky Act”

The woman linking all of this together is Veselnitskyaya, who came into the U.S.A. with a non-existent Visa under Obama’s Presidency. Credit: Washington Post

However, Fusion have denied any direct knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting, between her and Donald Trump Jr.

Former CIA agent Larry C. Johnson said, in order for a Trump Tower meeting with a Russian to be believable, he stated, “If you’re trying to build a case the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, then you create a situation where there is indeed a Russian for them to collude with – and that’s exactly what Veselnitskyaya is”

The National Enquirer is pro-Trump and naturally so are we, but whilst the failing Democrats create “Fake News”, publications and websites such as ourselves help to spread the truth in backing up Donald Trump and his family, because “right is right” and “wrong is wrong” i.e. the DNC and the Swamp in Washington D.C. is wrong and vile.

Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner will willingly testify next week on July 26th, 2017, which has just been corroborated by the mass media. “Innocent Enough It Seems!” So, when will the “Democriminal Party”, just take a seat, already?!

So, there you have it! Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: ABC7 San Francisco

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