The Most Streamed Song of All Time Hits 4.6 Billion Plays

So, apparently whilst we’ve been probably hearing this song everywhere by now, it still seems to sound like all the other songs in the latin dance category and we think we saw the video once, but we blatantly flipped past it, since we missed the girl, who’s probably clocked up most of the views on YouTube on her own.

However, incredibly the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee has become the most streamed song of all time with 4.6 billion plays, setting a new record, plus with 2,660,500,000 views on VEVO, as well. Record Breaker! So, what’s this song all about, that sets it apart from all the other latin dance songs that really sound exactly the same?

Let’s find out! Of course, it’s a love song about a guy setting up his plan in wooing the girl of his dreams. Naturally…

This goes to show you that at least a large percentage of people listening to the song, will not be Spanish speakers and most non Spanish speakers will just like to dance around the song and not really pay attention to any of the lyrics in the first place, only the sounds, you know? However, that’s not to say that this song isn’t any good, but it goes to show you just how most people don’t really have much taste or prerequisites in music, but they love to latch onto whatever’s popular and to what’s being pushed out into the mega mainstream at any given moment.

So, whilst you may have enjoyed that song, as did we (not really), which is playing now everywhere, since it’s release in January, and even more so now in the summer months. We thought that it would be fun to also feature a wonderful parody of the song, which sounds just about the same, but also encompasses a fun message within it, that many people can relate to.

Yes, trust these fun people from Malaysia to come out with an aptly funny parody of “Despacito” song, so we think we actually prefer this one, as it sounds exactly the same and it can even bring out some laughs, at the same time.

“Doritos… nanananana… Burritos… nanananananana… Amigo!”

It’s perfectly and precisely performed, well timed, and it really rounds off how most people don’t need words in music that they understand anymore, they just want to dance along and mumble the words. So, what’s not to like, as with this one, we can all actually understand it.

So perhaps with songs like “Despacito”, that’s why there’s so many mumble rappers and false artists out today in the so-called modern-day Hip Hop and Pop genre? Who knows? But, it’s been interesting to learn about this record breaking song “Despacito” by Luis Farsi, (sorry, we meant¬†Fonsi), which is surely the toast of latin music, and the next time we hear it, we may even be able to recognise it.

Especially, that blatant “Burrito” lyric inclusion, perhaps it’s just some sort of clever subliminal messaging-marketing ploy, making us all hungry again. Anyway, it sounds like every other latin song that’s been popular of years gone passed, or is it just us? Ricky Martin’s “La Vida Loca” was of course, a stand out time for everyone, so we truly meant all the other ones….

“Favorito! Burrito!”

Buy your copy of the hit song here. Thank us later.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

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