Why Multiculturalism in Sweden Has Been A Massive Failure. Has Socialism failed us?

So, we’re back at it again! And what better way to start off this joyous morning then by pointing out the obvious with your morning Cappuccino, and that’s that Socialist ventures in many countries such as Sweden, who are now a former sovereign nation ruled by the EU (sort of like, Germany), whom have gradually ruined themselves over the last 25 years and even more so with the Non-Government Associations (NGO’s) whom are in collusion with the Elite to divide Europe through socialist conditioning and wanting to keep on sacrificing our own countries, to that of a vastly different culture, that’s completely alien to our own. All at your own expense and it’s been happening right under your nose, especially after the Migrant Crisis in late 2014, and onwards and it’s just been getting worse.

Yes and as we all know, many of them have not been refugees, but simply economic migrants and invaders to Europe, backed by these activists inside NGO’s, a great deal of the time, most recently bringing them in by the boat load to countries like Italy, please learn about NGO collusion here. There’s a crisis in Italy right now, thanks to NGO’s, in helping to make the situation in Italy much, much worse. Who’s behind most of it? Take one guess…

Welcome to Sweden, where everyone is welcome to stay! Credit: IAC

Oh yes, but Sweden whom some say were some sort of benchmark nation for socialism way before the migrant crisis ever took hold, seemingly caught the eye of Tony Blair (perhaps?) around the year of 2005, where he also somehow, began changing the entire face of the United Kingdom as Labour Prime Minister, so now you get whole towns in Britain with hardly any original English people left within them. Tony Blair called it Multiculturalism, and that’s been such an interesting word lately, hasn’t it? Even the ridiculed former Labour party leader Ed Miliband has come out and said that they got it wrong on “Multiculturalism”. So, thank Tony Blair for that one and also thank him for the current state of burgeoning domestic terrorism to a certain degree, as well. However, the real credit for the Arab spring, migrant crisis, and also the economic migrant crisis must really go to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. When it comes to to whoever is profiting, well, it’s at the expense of everyone else, apart from some of the migrants, of course…

But now back to Sweden, where only some logical people have dared to speak out about against the domestic migrant problems there, for fear in these days of political correctness (another socialist term) to be called “Xenophobic” or a “Racist”, and not even the Police can speak out about the truth of the unprecedented high levels of crime, migrant rape culture, shootings, and everything that’s currently happening there, and guess who are the culprits? Well, you can only guess, since the News won’t tell you, in every crime case, because you know, socialism doesn’t allow the truth to be told… It might be considered racist.

So, we thought we’d bring you this gem of a video now, where it aptly speaks out about current situations by deluded liberal voters in fine areas and this man points out the phenomenon of indirect champagne socialism, deluded liberal thinkers and also shows how the Police are restrained by this same liberal indoctrination in the spread of socialist ideologies. A fictional space where it’s better to deny there’s a major problem for fear of being labelled a racist, you see? They should really define this socialist ideology of Multiculturalism a little better, don’t you think? It doesn’t mean all cultures living together as one, nope, it means that your country will give away it’s culture for that of an alien culture, which has no business taking over from the nation of which it is sponging and in many cases, just ruining. But, under socialism this is what happens. So, let’s see this gem of a video, shall we?

Yes and with news networks domestically pushing socialist ideologies onto susceptible people i.e. majority of a nation’s people whom can only repeat what they see on television, this makes the great playing field for this sort of thing to just carry on and continue, so unless things ever change, soon many Christian nations, will have a “Call to Prayer” just like Barack Obama had in the White House. Unbelievable! But, true!

A deluded liberal will call it “Islamophobia” and hold a sign saying “F*ck Trump”, until one day they wake up and realise that they were wrong all along (had it backwards, since they’ve been liberally indoctrinated and are virtually blinded by left-wing news), since no other religion in history states to “kill all non-believers” and there’s enough radically moronic migrants to go around in Europe, so all the problems we’ve seen across Europe so far, is still yet to continue.

Sad times indeed, and we wonder when will these nations be more like Poland and the rest of the Eastern block, who have successfully pointed out George Soros’ NGO scams and his meddling in political elections, plus his colluded schemes with the Political Puppets that cower to these evil plans in causing social unrest across our lands, with the further “Islamisation” of Europe, so people, just wake up already?! What’s socialism done? Has it failed you, yet?

Until, we see Christian churches and Synagogues being built in the Middle East for us also to worship in, and Jews and Christians and Catholics will be given free-handouts from a socialist state in the Middle East, then logically, there’ll be people who are hip to the scams and are also aware that most of these migrants are very informed of how in socialist countries like Sweden, they can simply not work if they wish not to, then live off state grants and pop out more children, like a factory that serves nobody but themselves. Each child brings yet more revenue to them. It be amazing if Christians, Atheists or other deemed people from other religious backgrounds, could do the same, and also get free apartments too, right? All at the taxpayers expense. That’s your money well spent, isn’t it?

Now this isn’t all migrants, but this is an epidemic and it’s been happening for years already. So, how’s that with your coffee? Before you return to the BBC and CNN, where anything true must be suppressed, as always.

Brainstain, over and out!

<Story by The Narrator>

Featured Photo Credit: Louder with Crowder

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