Transfer Heat: James Rodriguez Signs for Bayern Munich

So there’s been quite a bit flurry of hot football transfers springing up over the last few days, with Romelu Lukaku signing for the Red Devils and Alexandre Lacazette signing up for the Gunners at the end of last week, naturally. However, what about the hot transfers on the continent, for example, players leaving Spain? Well, Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata is reportedly now set to go to teary eyed Chelsea after they really missed out on R. Lukaku, but what about the uber talented attacking midfield maestro of James Rodriguez from Colombia? Truly one of the world’s most underrated and greatest players that’s been out on the market, well sort of, since Zinedine Zidane had most definitely been neglecting him of late and Real Madrid have now decided to let him go, well, sort of…

So, Real Madrid decided to loan James Rodriguez out for two years to another European monster club in Bayern Munich. Now, naturally Real Madrid would have to be very selective in where he went, as surely they didn’t want to sell him, but with the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo and his marketability so very present at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, for at least another two years and since seemingly they can’t be on the same pitch together, so then the Galacticos decided to offload Rodriguez to the Bavarian club instead.

Result! Bayern Munich are now set to be very dangerous, indeed.  Credit: DailyRecord

However, could they live to regret it, as surely James Rodriguez will be sure to cross paths with his mother club at some stage in the upcoming Champions League tournaments in the next couple of seasons. And in knowing what we do know about James Rodriguez’s already and with his talents, he is sure to rise to the occasion and score against the Real Madrid sometime in the near future. Mark our words. So in retrospect Real Madrid seemingly have also endangered themselves and very much so.

We’re most definitely on James Rodriguez’s side, as there’s hardly a better player in the world that’s been treated so unfairly. And guess what? At Brainstain, we despise injustice very much.

But for Real Madrid, this two-year loan deal will also go some way to lighten the wage bill at the Galacticos, as they also wish to bring in teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe from AS Monaco, but there really isn’t any better player in the world than James Rodriguez, when it comes to playing behind a striker or in occupying that central attacking midfield role. Trust us, there’s nobody better in that radius behind the front two or playing behind a lone striker in the whole wide world. We should know, because we always know best.

So, all in all, it’s great for James Rodriguez to get this guaranteed playing time and he will naturally tear the Bundesliga to shreds, with his silky skills and post-busting shooting ability. He will win countless trophies (guaranteed) and as that loan deal draws to a close when James Rodriguez goes from the 25-year-old footballer to the 27-year-old footballer, in his prime, there’s sure to be a power struggle between Bayern Munich, who will wish to make the deal permanent, whilst Real Madrid will selfishly demand for him to come back, perhaps, after Cristiano Ronaldo had departed, that is?

But, inside the deal, there’s the opportunity for Bayern to also make the deal permanent within a clause, but at a price of course, so let’s hope for Bayern that they’ve already set that price in stone, since Rodriguez will now go onto conquer the world.

Will he be given the favoured number 10 number, of course, he will! He’s the best number 10 in the world. Credit:

This is what football legend and Bayern Chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said about the deal, “We are very happy that we have managed to conclude this transfer. The signing of James Rodríguez was the big wish from our manager, Carlo Ancelotti, after the two of them worked together successfully at Real Madrid”.

Karl-Heinz added, “James is a very versatile player. He scores a lot of goals himself and is also able to set up goals and sets overall high standards. We have, without question, heightened the quality of the squad with this transfer.”

Yes, you have! So, we predict a Champions League final spot for Bayern Munich again, like in years passed, if they can keep a hold of Robert Lewandowski. Rodrgiuez’s arrival should go some way in convincing the Polish striker to stick around for another season.

In our view, we’re happy to see Bayern Munich be able to snap up this deal for James, which will now also make way for Brazilian Douglas Costa to join Juventus for on a years loan to Turin, before that deal is also able to be made permanent and the fee is expected to be £35.3 million for the speedy winger next summer, if all goes well, that is.

This is all about fluctuating the balance books in the player wage department, as too many superstars can really hit you in the bank balance on a weekly basis these days. Also, we’re starting to see the transfer market change with high prices and players ages and future years taken into account as investments in tying down the very best players, with buy back clauses, and infinite add-ons, that supersede sometimes even a good 15% of the overall and initial deal in place.

Douglas Costa is off to Juventus. Credit:

That’s how Lukaku’s £75 million transfer from Everton to Chelsea, can rise up to let’s say even more money for Everton, who are now using that money to try and propel them to be able to challenge for the Champions League, or at the very least ensure even more European qualification, as they have a run in the Europa League to look forward to, as well. So, there’s bound to be plenty of transfer activity at Goodison Park this summer too, with Wayne Rooney expected to take on a key role within proceedings for “The Toffees”.

So there you have it! All the latest hot gossip and round-up in the world of football, once again. Since what’s the world without football? Shudder that thought!

Brainstain, over and out!

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