Victoria Beckham and the Curse of the Lip Ring

Once upon a time in Spice World, the little Gucci black dress wearing Posh Spice quite literally stunned the universe and beyond, when she appeared on stage with a ring in her lip, while transitioning from sulking moody faced Spice Girl to cool and edgy not such an innocent girl.

Today, we all know Mrs. Beckham as an incredibly successful businesswoman and fashion designer, not to mention an actual legitimate OBE, but she is also a dotting wife and mother of the money making factory brand that is the Beckham franchise.

Solo stardom beckoned for brand Beckham. Credit: savjetnica 

Oh, and also worth an estimated £300 million.

The one they call posh is to many, an example of living the dream. That unreachable and unattainable level of fame, fortune and class that we universal tax credit claiming common folk can only dare to imagine.

Just like fellow celebrity icon with a considerably larger rear end, Kim Kardashian, we live vicariously through Victoria’s many marketing endorsed products. So, whatever it be, the Beckham perfume, the autobiography, the fashion line or Beckham’s (unauthorised) branded condoms, warning us that the night could actually be the night, when “2 become 1” we just gotta be part of posh.

The fact remains, society is slightly obsessed with the Beckham’s, and rightly so.

But before she cemented herself as the queen of every piece of material we wear on our body today, Victoria was a struggling start-up solo artist looking for her big break in the charts and chasing after that prized number one solo single that always seemed to escape her perfectly manicured and pedicured nails.

So in a bid to reinvent her image and potentially grab that brass ring in the pop heavens, Victoria got herself a black panther, began hanging out with Another Level star and Katie Prices then latest squeeze Dane Bowers, and got her actual lip pierced.

Oh my GOB indeed!

The lip ring that brought down a civilisation. Credit: Average Janes

She had inserted through her lips the same piece of metal that these days can be seen shining brightly in the gums of your average latte drinking social justice warrior millennial hipster with blue dyed hair around Shoreditch. Remember, that at this stage in her career, she was not just some innocent girl, anymore. She was a bad girl, rocking hair extensions, leather trousers and was pierced, god damn it! PIERCED!

Her much publicised stunt, executed with the sole aim of stealing the limelight from her then chart enemies and pop rivals Geri Halliwell and Sophie Ellis Bextor, backfired. Victoria was condemned as irresponsible by parenting groups and even dentists. Young, unassuming and easily impressionable Spice Girls fans went out in hordes to get their lips pierced just like their inspiration and style muse.

Ice cream, You’re Outta Your Mind. Credit: couriermail

In the same way fans mimicked her footballer husband David’s constantly changing hairstyles, young women everywhere began emulating pieced posh. Thus, Victoria was being charged with the crime of being a terribly bad role model and an irresponsible pop star who quite frankly should’ve known better. Well, at least she should’ve known better than to work with Dane Bowers, but such was the musical climate in the year of 2000 in the United Kingdom.

Before social media was actually a thing, front page news headlines began condemning this outrageous act of neglect, as this piece of inserted jewellery caused total catastrophic disaster around the world.

There was panic from environmental health inspectors warning that gullible teenagers seeking to emulate their pop idol’s style could risk broken teeth, hepatitis and even HIV, if they went ahead with piercing their lower lip.

However, when it emerged that the lip ring in question was in fact as fake as her mimed “live” performances, there was utter anger and uproar with many newly pierced fans feeling cheated that they had emulated their heroes rebellious and alternative look, all while going through the pain and agony of actually getting pierced, only to discover that Victoria had actually worn a fake clip-on ring similar to those found on sale in joke shops for about 99p.

The joke was on Victoria however, her solo career never took off quite like the colossal heights of the Spice Girls.

This tune’s gonna punish you. Credit: Celebrity news

Mrs. Beckham may well be regarded as a supreme fashionista queen today, but her ill-fated lip ring has been voted fashion disaster of the century, beating the likes of Lady Gaga and her PETA disapproved meat dress and even her husband David`s cultural appropriating cornrow hairstyle.

Though the notorious lip ring has since been tossed into the recycled bin and into the pages of historic notoriety alongside Adolf Hitler and Ebola, it still infamously lives on, perhaps more now in 2017 than it did back in 2000. But, let’s remember that never has a piece of titanium caused so much controversy and misery, since the tragic sinking of the Titanic.


Story by Michael Lee

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