Zoe Kazan Highlights Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

The very talented actress Zoe Kazan, 33, whom you should have heard of by now, if you’re at all into great films and the art of acting in general, has come out and revealed some pretty darned sexist revelations of what has happened to her on Hollywood casting couch, since her acting debut in Swordswallowers and Thin Men in 2003. And those films, were by no means her breakout films or performances, but we will tell you which film really garnered her scores of film fans across the world and that was with her breakout performance in the film, Ruby Sparks, alongside Paul Dano in 2012, who is also her partner in real life.

The film is about a young novelist, Calvin Weir-Feilds, who is trying to repeat the feat of the one book that made him famous years ago, amidst serious writer’s block and loneliness, he eventually comes out of it all and starts a new novel, where he creates a female protagonist named Ruby Sparks. The words flow onto the page and he knows that he’s got his writers mojo back, but what he didn’t anticipate, like with most writers and novelists, in that they live into their work so much so, that Ruby Sparks actually manifests into a real person and shows up in his condo. Yes, imagine if you could write up your dream girlfriend, just like Calvin did in this wonderfully endearing film?

Perhaps, this film resonates with us so strongly because we’re also writers? Just maybe… But, not to give the whole film away now, but you really need to check out the official film trailer right now, if you indeed, had any doubts about the film’s validity in the industry, which has seemingly prioritized comic books and sequels ahead of real cinema in recent years.

Yes, the life of a writer can be difficult in relationships, because few understand the need for their alone time and everything else that can divide them from relationships or in a female’s perceived lack of attention onto them, whilst they are consumed in their own world, the writers world. So, this film is pure brilliance and Zoe Kazan’s performance is also sheer excellence and we love Zoe Kazan for bringing Ruby Sparks to life. What a film!

However, you may also know Zoe from What If starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe, or maybe you recognise her from the film, The Pretty One, yet another great little film, where Zoe Kazan’s acting talents are just undeniable. So, if you hadn’t already noticed, here at Brainstain, we celebrate “the best” and we call out “the worst”. So, with the recent news of what Zoe Kazan has just revealed today about the Hollywood casting couch, with in regard to certain producers and directors, pretty much makes us very disgusted and sick of how and why some of these horribly sexist antics can exist in the film industry. Do you want to know what Zoe revealed today? Of course you do, so let’s help spread her word, shall we?

Yes, Zoe Kazan has revealed that there’s rampant sexual harassment behind the scenes on the casting couch and on the sets of film productions in this day and age (probably always have been, in certain instances). One time she experienced when a director in a casting had asked her to give him her best “Blow Job Eyes” in an audition. Now, if you don’t know what that is, then you’d have to look it up yourself. Yes, directors are entitled to wish to see an actresses’ range, but asking for a potential actress to perform her best “Blow Job Eye” performance is way off the mark in eloquence, righteousness and respect. That’s sexual harassment and incredibly disrespectful, plus it’s disgusting and has no place in anything, but perhaps in a casting for a pornographic movie.

Who do you think is going to get the couch treatment here? Credit: 2-Day Film School

Here at Brainstain, we are saddened and disgusted to hear this news. Furthermore, Zoe revealed that she was asked if “she spits or swallows” after oral sex by a Hollywood producer. What sort of assh*les run these sorts of castings and we only wish that the name of the producer would be revealed for inciting sexual harassment in the industry. Since afterwards the producer would say, “I’m only joking”.

Zoe Kazan who has a new film coming out called The Big Sick, released on July 28th, told the Guardian , “I have a lot of girlfriends who are amazing actors, and many times we’ve talked about having to go into a room and give ‘b*** job eyes”

So, there you have it! Many casting sessions in Hollywood, perhaps require girls to perform completely unrelated emotions which are not valid to the film at all. In our casting sessions, this would never happen, as it crosses the line in a major way.

Zoe continued, “You know, be flirty with a director or a producer. It’s the sense that your sexuality is somehow baked into this situation.”

Where she explains that with a film part on the line, sometimes the females have to play along, otherwise they might not get the part in the film.

Who would say such horrible things to this beauty? Credit: GotCeleb

So, apparently in the power hierarchy of when directors & producers cast their stars, sometimes some directors and producers will seriously overstep boundaries and while this doesn’t come as a surprise (we done castings, but not like that) it does suggest that some of these people need to go back and take classes in etiquette and respect, or have a chat with their mother (re-connect) even, before casting for any of their films.

Zoe who has been in a relationship with the equally talented Paul Dano for ten years, said that they often talk about “toxic masculinity”, saying “but it’s a real thing” she adds.

Now, this is where we step in to level the playing field, since sure, “toxic masculinity” might be real on Hollywood casting couches and vicious catty “gay men” definitely exist in the fashion industry, plus “toxic masculinity” might be practiced by ignorant “assh*les” in the world out there, but it is no more real than the vile and deluded “feminists” who think that Linda Sarsour is some sort of patron saint (aka Sharia Law activist) and also “man-hating” lesbians and horrible activists of feminism, that really hate and despise all men. So, now that we have levelled the playing field, let’s carry on, shall we?

Zoe then went on to speak about on-set romances, which are obviously in the script and how that plays out, but that’s not really interesting to us, as it’s part and parcel of being an actress or actor. Go figure, you get to make out with people and sure that can be awkward on set, but it’s in the film so, what gives?

Zoe Kazan and her partner Paul Dano. Credit: NewsOK

But Zoe did say this, which we also totally understand, calling the casting process and the sake of reputation being a catch-22, “There’s so much sexual harassment on set. And there’s no HR department. We don’t have a redress” she added.

Zoe proclaimed, “We have our union, but no one ever resorts to that, because you don’t want to get a reputation for being difficult… You leave the situation feeling not good about what just happened, but you don’t really have the language for why. You feel like, if you said something, it would reflect badly on you.”

But surely, reputation goes both ways, so if a director or producer is inappropriate you could relay it to friends rather than to the unions, but the difference here is that it’s the directors and producers that hold the money for your role, so all in all, will this sort of thing cease to happen?

We guess it depends on who you walk into the casting session with and or, who you’re working with. We believe it is important to respect the boundaries of decency in all situations. This was truly an interesting revelation from Zoe and an interesting topic to discuss, wasn’t it?

Now, check out the trailer for the new film The Big Sick, released on July 28th, 2017.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: NY Times

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