Stan Lee’s Wife Dies At Age 93

On the 6th of July 2017, Joan Lee, the wife of Marvel creator Stan Lee passed away.

At 93 years old, she died peacefully in Los Angeles surrounded by her family. Earlier in the week she had a stroke and was hospitalised.

Joan was a former hat model and funnily enough, her and Stan met purely by chance when he was on his way to take her roommate ‘Betty’ out on a date. At this point, Mr. Lee had already started drawing some kick ass comics and in these comics, he frequently drew a girl, that girl he drew, her hair, her body, her face was his vision of perfection. When he stood on the doorstep and Joan opened the door he saw a mirror image of the girl in his comics, his perfect woman. And, that’s how it happened. Yet another Brit marrying an American!

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She was a huge part of the Marvel universe and Marvel paid tribute to her in a statement on Thursday: “We are so saddened to hear about the loss of Joan Lee. We lost a member of the Marvel family today and our thoughts and prayers go out to Stan and his daughter Joan in this difficult time.”

In 1961, Stan was about to give up on his dreams of producing comics when Joan encouraged him to write just one more comic, one that he would be proud of and so ‘The Fantastic Four‘ comic was born. In some versions of the comics, you can see that Stan credits Joan for being the inspiration of the comic book series. Joan was the reason he kept on going, producing the well-known comics that we love and all the films we have come to love, as well, and so we have so much to thank her for.

Rest in peace Joan. What will Mr. Fantastic do now without his Susan Storm?


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