The G20 Summit 2017 Report

A couple of days before today’s G20 Summit in Hamburg, Donald Trump aptly visited Poland, a nation that is effervescently hard on the muslim migration epidemic and are not for the “one world” globalist agenda of seeping in unassimilated Islamic migrants into all the boroughs of Europe, which has seen nations like Germany, Sweden, Belgium and France suffer very dearly consequences, under socialist rule. Not to mention the United Kingdom, who originally wanted a hard Brexit, but seemingly now have gone softer and perhaps are still soft on the influx of illegal islamic migrants. Theresa May is still seemingly making her mind up on exact Brexit negotiations and let’s give her time. She is not the focus of today’s G20 summit by any means. All eyes are on Trump and Putin and Ms. Merkel, where more than twenty nations will sit down and discuss world affairs.

So, back to Donald Trump, a man known as a purveyor of freedom and a man that abides by the philosophy of nations governing their own countries and not being governed by corrupt globalist organisations, seeking a one world government. So, with that in mind, let’s relay the full speech from Donald Trump’s visit to Poland, where the crowd shouted his name, “Trump, Trump, Trump” in appreciation of his worldwide leadership and for his policies and logic in the midst of a very damaging socialist agenda of open borders and in also not cowering to the influx of Islamic migration into the U.S.A., all which is clearly the fault of the Clinton Foundation & George Soros, all happening under Barack Obama’s socialist tenure as President of the United States of America. So, why should all of Europe have to suffer for their actions, with mass muslim migration into Europe?

Donald Trump has his work cut out for him. Credit: Washington Post

This is why Brexit happened and this is why logical un-colluded nations in Eastern Europe, are standing up against this threat to our European cultures and values, as a causation of socialism, Islamic migrations into Europe and because of the weak stance of the European Union’s agenda, in not caring about their own citizens safety and perpetuating political correctness to carry out their evil plans. Socialism in a nutshell, right there.

Now, let’s remember that Poland, have said no to the Islamic migration influx, like many Eastern European nations already have, much like Saudi Arabia, so what’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. First you must take care of your own, before you open the floodgates to unassimilated aliens from hugely different cultures. Think about it?

Anyway, let’s get into Trump’s speech, shall we?

Good speech! Domestic nationalism is vastly important in preserving countries and their cultures today, otherwise, all of Europe will end up a crime ridden melting-not, i.e. not a melting-pot. For Western values should be the rule of the land in civilised nations and not be the rule of the jungle or be under the rule of Sharia Law. Let’s be under no illusion that socialism has brought the threat of sympathy in governments that will gladly cower to make Europe even much worse than it already has become.

Now today, Angela Merkel, the socialist mother of all unassimilated migrants, hosts the G20 summit in Hamburg, where Donald Trump will finally meet another clever man, Vladimir Putin and they’ll be able to discuss many important world policies. However, there is a great divide in the outlook between Trump & Putin and to that of let’s say, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau (who are all one world socialist puppets) and are not born leaders, like Trump and Putin are. So, let’s explain just why, just a little bit, shall we?

Angela Merkel is hosting this year’s event in Hamburg, Germany. Credit: Panteres News

We can be brief on Trump and Putin, who will gladly entertain logical and reasonable ideas and tackle world problems with efficiency and with straight forward negotiations. But, with Merkel, Macron and Trudeau, what you are getting is career politicians that cower to the European Union and the one world agenda, wishing to compromise their own people’s safety and cultures, even their own money and resources for that of other cultures, that simply do not fit into the western ideology. Just in the same way that Turkey will never be apart of Europe, then why should European nations open the floodgates to Sharia Law sympathisers and political hacks that only care about themselves and not the original citizens of Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden and now even Italy, only to name a few of the nations that have suffered the most in the light of mass Islamic migration from the Middle East and North Africa, with terror attacks, rapes, gang rapes, murders and a major rise in crime and the general threat of decay of our own European values and countries. Not to mention that the influx of unassimilated migrants are a great economical strain on all the nations taking them in, in vast numbers, without the resources left to properly care for them, without being at the expense of naturalised citizens already in place in their home countries. Should we just let this travesty continue and also turn a blind eye to these major problems?

So, do not be fooled by the socialist mainstream media that are pushing for this one world agenda to divide Europe and the world with domestic warfare of seclusion via cultural divides. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin know that the muslim world’s wish is to take over Europe and make it Islamic, so they are under no illusion as to the threat that these globalist puppets pose to our very own European values in the wake of even more of an Islamic influx, that’s comforting itself under the blanket of socialism and political correctness.

Hell! In Sweden and Germany they give out free apartments, free money and free everything to non-domestic citizens of Islamic descent and their families. And, what do they get back? Mostly disaster upon disaster of Islamic migrants and their inability and not wanting to integrate into the western world in the first place, which is something that’s eating away at the very core of many European nations’ own safety and values.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet and greet each other. Credit: Fox 29

Until we see Europeans, being given free everything in muslim nations, then how does socialism and a one world agenda, even make sense a this point? Where’s the balance?

Many migrants hate the west and refuse to abide by the western ideology and some are even seeking handouts, as they continue to push their Islamic values on our European nations. Is that what you deluded people want? To turn European nations into radical Islamic countries?

A religion of peace it is not, and these migrants are not conditioned as youngsters to blend in with the western mentality. They are conditioned to that of the Koran, something which preaches hate to non-believers of their faith. Don’t be mistaken, this is very-very concerning to let Islamic radicals into our countries, as is already evidenced by the rapes, the gang rapes, the surge in crime and terror attacks, terror cells and even 30,000 known jihadis residing in the United Kingdom alone. That’s not very British is it? Only Sadiq Khan finds that acceptable in the U.K.

So, nationalism is now more important than ever before, due to the actions of career politicians that have now threatened our way of life, in the face of sickening corruption and collusion with the world’s elite behind the very red iron curtain, wishing to destroy our countries, with their one world agenda.

Now, let’s give you some recent statistics of Germany and Ms. Merkel’s domestic problems, as she continues to be coy, smug, deluded and even shameful in her actions to her own people and to that of the rest of Europe, as well, just like fake centrist President Emmanuel Macron, who is in fact, nothing more than Angela Merkel’s lapdog.

And then there’s this guy, Jean-Claude Juncker. Credit: G8India

Yes, the U.N. and the E.U are corrupt at the seams, and E.U leader Jean-Claude Juncker makes us vomit up a little bit in our mouths every time that we see him on TV.

This is what we are up against people, these are the socialist cronies, that you need to resist and stand up against, both politically and at the ballot boxes in the coming years. I.E. not like the liberal socialist left does, who participate in violence, anarchy and protests, shouting pathetic views, trying to call it out as “racism”. What a joke! This isn’t about racism, this is about assimilating and integrating the right people into our countries and not letting everybody in, without thinking about it and then suffering the consequences of such weak actions later. This has already been done in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, France and all across European nations to disastrous results since 2014.

Furthermore, only in the past few weeks Ms. Merkel has received 775,000 new illegal muslim migrant applications for asylum, but she feels that other European nations should split the burden. Imagine that! That’s just in the last few weeks alone. What?! You want us to take in even more of them now? As if it wasn’t bad enough already.

There’s way too many muslim immigrants coming into Europe. Credit: National Review

So only 775,000 new illegal immigrants that she feels that other countries should take in, even though, they’re not of our values and will spell more domestic disasters and strain on our economic resources. Whatever happened to the people that reside in these European countries already, shall they sacrifice their life quality, their years of tax money investment over years and years, to that of a large portion of unemployed unassimilated muslim migrants that do not share western values?

That’s the makings of a catastrophe, as we have already seen in Europe, thus far.

And, here’s another fun statistic from today, which projects that Germany by 2020, the total cost of all the muslim migrants alone, will set them back 107 billion in three years alone. That’s not counting their own German citizen’s, even.

So, for those that are out there protesting whilst World Leaders sit down to discuss world affairs, should be aware, to refrain from using terminologies such as racism and only repeat what you are conditioned to believe by the socialist news media, or otherwise just go home and go to bed and sleep it off, until your once nice country, turns into something totally unrecognisable and by then, it’s way too late to change it back.

This is what’s at stake at the G20 summit, just so you know.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: cgdev

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