Millennials Are Not Prepared For The Reality Of Life

A new study says that millennials are finding it hard to adjust to ultimately flying the nest and taking on the responsibilities of University life and impending adulthood. A study of 2,000 students concluded that most don’t know how to pay a bill or how much rent even costs, outside of University.

The prospect of leaving home is daunting for most millennials, says the survey and many suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. So, living independently comes as a shocker outside of University halls and away from their parents.

The statistics of the study said that  61 per cent of millennials are anxious about starting university, 58 per cent aren’t sleeping properly and 27 percent are suffering from panic attacks as a result.  Now, so-called millennials get a lot of stick and perhaps it’s not their fault, with the age of the Internet at the ready since a very young age and growing up in some pretty strange times.

But just yesterday, JP Sears made an informative and insightful view into how some millennials think about the world, so what better way to learn than to hear it from the internet comedian himself. Watch!

That might have struck a chord with some people and it reminds us of a couple of girls in their early twenties, from last weekend (what a successful conversation that was, OMG!), but anyway, now back to the study. That was insightful JP, as always. High Five!

The poll conducted in the United Kingdom said that 60% of new university students thought that they would spend more time in lectures than in school lessons. Wait what?

When clearly University is far less hours a week than secondary school, leaving plenty of idle time to study or just f*ck around on SnapChat, right?

Rent also came as a surprise to many as being the highest cost, apart from tuition fees, and only half of people correctly nailed the fact that paying rent is the most costly expenditure.

But, what else are millennials prepared for, life at a party? Are they prepared to drink bucket loads? What about drugs? Each to their own, we suppose. Staying off the drugs is always best.

Millennials suffer from panic attacks and anxiety problems because they can’t cope with real life. Credit: Daily Mail

Perhaps, a big danger would be the social aspect in these times of smart phones and social media overload, where in University halls, you have to live incredibly close to one another, which may pose one of the greatest challenges, apart from casual sex, however that works for the millennial set? In any case, any prospective tryst would probably have to start on Tinder and on Tinder only. Tinder first!

Who knows? One thing is clear and that is that the world was a lot different way back then, let’s say 20 or 25 years ago, so inherently millennials grew up in totally different circumstances than most of us did.

There was no reality TV, no mass-produced and manufactured pop stars and there was much better music all round too. Music that had substance, actually. There was no internet porn in those teen years (to warp your head) and there sure as hell, was no app for dating either. Both factors probably a good thing, all in all, as both had to be done manually and usually involved a VHS tape and or a written love letter of some kind. Don’t you remember? People wrote down phone numbers on people’s forearms in a statement of “I want you badly, so call me!”

Pretty cool stuff, right?

61% of millennials are anxious about university, 27% are having panic attacks. Credit: Daily Mail

But back to the study now and it was revealed in the research that many would-be students with mental health problems are not planning on informing their universities of their condition, either. So, in this day and age, that might become a problem, since they’d be very much unable to adjust to the gap from being a secondary student to a university student, to even full-blown adulthood, all be it, unaided amidst this social media generation where most communication is seemingly done online. This could spell out some problems, since it might have also been offensive to single somebody out for mental health problems, if they were from the millennial set. You know, political correctness and all. But, that’s slightly worrying to let somebody with mental health problems go to an adult setting without the proper medical care?

So, what’s up with millennials? Are they going to be okay? After growing up in the most twisted generation there ever was, thus far?

Only time will tell, but automatically there’s a disconnect between the old generation (call them the late 70s and early 80s kids) and the new millennial generation, so much so, that one generation speaks in whole sentences and the other newer one, speaks in internet abbreviations, like LOL, OMG and CU, so now see this list just in case you need to speak with one of them and be down with the lingo. Umkay…Stay Lit!

Brainstain, over and out!

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