Lindsay Lohan Backs President Trump Up On Twitter

As Donald Trump heads to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany for Friday the 7th of July, to talk to world leaders and also to finally meet Vladimir Putin. Lindsay Lohan has sprung up out of nowhere on July 5th to his defence, amidst all the left-wing Hollywood bullying and virtue signalling celebrities and the very fake and deluded news from CNN, who have all been nothing short of disgusting, just to name a few celebrity culprits as well, e.g. Madonna, Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp and the list goes on and on. And wow, how about those liberal assassination theatre plays, too?

But oh no, let’s target a 15-year-old kid for making a WWE body slam video gif of Trump symbolically defeating CNN, a big problem instead. Whilst Kathy Griffin holding a depiction of Trump’s severed head, then that’s only just a joke, right? Liberal hypocrisy! Is an understatement!

But, not long ago Lindsay Lohan was also pictured wearing a headscarf and was pretending to convert to Islam, for a little while, which was strange work if you can get it, but maybe work all the same? But, now finally she has woken up and she’s taken to Twitter to defy all of Hollywood and all the deluded liberal leftist bullies and she’s now said some home truths.

Credit: LindsayLohan/Twitter

So, today we applaud Lindsay Lohan for her great honesty in standing up to liberal intolerance and also to the socialist one world agenda-bullies, with their fake news and violent resistance (which isn’t working by the way). Good on you Lindsay, here at Brainstain we are clapping for you in our office today. Lindsay Tweeted further, the day after Independence Day, stating:

Credit: LindsayLohan/Twitter

She’s so correct, that it makes our heart sing. However, she was met with a barrage of leftist hatred as per usual, but it didn’t take long for other people to spring to her defence in protecting the President’s good values and in him leading the nation and the world in the right direction, via Twitter.

Well said Based Priscilla and we believe that now is the time for more Hollywood celebrities to vocalise their support for Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, because you know what? The liberal left’s hatred is dying off and they’ve been wrong all along. So, who will be the next celebrity to be brave and stand up for what they believe in?

We totally agree with Oak-Town Unfiltered and it’s all so clear, that this charade of the liberal left and unhappy democrats and ultra worried satanists, just need to pack it in already and just shut up! If not, nobody will ever watch your films anymore and this is already happening. You created democratic socialist fascism with fake news and brainwashing and for fear of reprisals from other industry members in supporting Trump for fear of said liberal backlashes, many of you have started to look weak in the industry.

This last Tweet reaction is also so true, since now some in Hollywood will put on their other face, to support Trump, whilst before they were bandwagon jumpers of hatred. So, how two-faced is Hollywood? Well, apparently very two-faced. But, still it’s nice to see more of them vocally come out and support him, even if it’s only Lindsay Lohan so far, and also for those who supported him in silence all along, should now step forward, as well. We however, have supported him from the very beginning and we have not been quiet about it, either.

We believe that Lindsay Lohan’s actions have landed her in the good books of many important people now and this is good for her and it’s good for Patriotism and it’s good for Hollywood, and for people in general, to finally see someone step up and call everyone out on their bullsh*t! Nice one, Lindsay!

Credit: DailyMail

We raise a glass to Lindsay Lohan now and wish her a belated “Happy Birthday”, after she turned 31-years old on July 2nd, which she celebrated on the Greek Island of Mykonos, where she has spent the last six summers in a row.

When asked if she had received any birthday messages, a source said, “She actually did – Oprah sent a nice message as well – Kris Jenner facetime’d her right after the cake was brought out – and Tyra Banks also sent a very kind message.”

This came after Lindsay had sent out birthday invitations to Britney Spears, Beyonce and Paris Hilton via Twitter to join her in the holiday hot spot.

Taking a dip in Mykonos 2015. Credit: CelebMafia

It’s good to see that Lindsay Lohan is doing well and that she supports the President now, since perhaps, many  people are finally waking up and shunning the evil ways of the liberal left and their weak policies and lacklustre plans, backed up only with hatred and their election loss.

So, cheers to you Lindsay and we commend your actions. As now more people can come out and do the same. Just vocalise your support for Trump and do it now. Since, it’s undeniable, all the good things that President Donald Trump has already done for the U.S.A. since taking office on January 20th of 2017, and plus the news broke of where he is  donating his first Presidential salary. His first instalment, a portion of it, goes to fix the Antietam Battlefield, read and watch here.

You need to back Trump as we always have, or else you’re backing the wrong side. The dark side. But, you may not know any better, but now it’s time for many people to wake up already. Why not catch up on some of our work on Brainstain? Follow us and then educate yourself.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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