U.S Celebrities Show Off Their American Patriotism

Yesterday was the 4th of July, America’s birthday, and the stars came out on social media to share their patriotism in many different ways. Perhaps, some of them even showing allegiance to President Donald Trump amongst the liberal left’s hatred, some of them no doubt, silently signalling their allegiance with America and the way in which the country is currently going, whilst the disease of satanic collusion in the establishment media is very much being exposed, as is evident with CNN really falling apart right now. “Joy to the world, the stars are here!”

So, let’s begin to show you what these absolute stars and celebs got up to when celebrating their unification in America on the 4th of July, the day of freedom and independence, just yesterday. In no particular order, let’s begin, but there’s surely a winner out of all of these, right?

First up, it’s Ashley Tisdale, showing some pretty cheeky patriotism right there, with a pair of Adidas shoes. Love, love, love it 😉

Credit: AshleyTisdale/IG

Then there’s everyone’s favourite southern belle, Reese Witherspoon, with her daughter (mini-you) and that’s about as American as Apple Pie. Nice! So, we also really loved you in Big Little Lies, young mama’! Happy 4th to you too.

Credit: ReeseWitherspoon/IG

Who’s next? Well, if it isn’t the smartest and the classiest of all the Karsdashian sisters, showing a little of her haute couture prowess in the modelling stakes, once again. And, most cleverly, have we ever heard her virtue signal or support backwards agendas. Happy 4th to you, you starlet!

Credit: KendallJenner/IG

Up next to the plate is, and striking it out of the park here is Xtina aka Christina Aguilera, who’s another star that hasn’t been seen doing the devils penance lately, so high five to you, gurrl! Looking like a cool time in that pool, madame X. Plus, with a nice Red, White and Blue color scheme to be seen here.

Credit: Xtina/IG

Now if Captain America was real and had a wife, his spouse would most likely be the supermodel of all supermodels, to go with a real superhero. Here she is on a 1992 Vogue cover in Red, White and Blue. Oh Cindy, that’s surely star-spangled, right there! NICE!

Credit: CindyCrawford/IG

Now from Supermodel mom, to super anonymous Pussycat Doll, burning a flare in pure defiance and with pure patriotism all at once. What’s not to like? Ashley Roberts, we see you and we like it! Yet more sort of sexy Red, White and Blue going on, with some stars near that lawn of grass, no, not ass. That’s the land of the free! Yep!

Credit: AshleyRoberts/IG

No surprise inclusion here, the ageless and ever beautiful Christie Brinkley, seen chilling on a sailing boat somewhere. That’s how you do classy liberals! Nothing but love and some Perriere in sight. Take notes you so-called backwards-liberals!

Credit: ChristieBrinkley/IG

Here’s Tyra Banks because she’s not a stupid woman and we’re on the fence here right now, but we don’t believe she has ever participated in any satanic Trump bashing, so here’s Tyra, who’s bringing America’s Next Top Model back yet again and it’s coming soon! We suppose she missed being in charge there, quite a lot, even though we’re quite amazed at some of the “sassy” eye rolling antics occurring on the show, causing us to eye roll into another dimension too, but we decided to include her anyway. Happy belated 4th to you, Tyra!

Credit: TyraBanks/IG

Up next, it’s a Baldwin! No, don’t worry! Not the abhorrent Alec Baldwin, who cusses out his own daughters over telephone lines and who Kim Basinger needed a restraining order from, not that horrible jackass! Nope! Well, Alec Baldwin of course, has turned into a much avoided actor now in fan stock, if you will! So, but this is the beautiful daughter and off-spring of Stephen Baldwin, the smarter one, from The Usual Suspects and the epic film Threesome, a true patriot and a self professed Trump supporter, so Hailey is very much welcome on our page. Stunning work Stephen! What happened to your brother, Alec? What a shame since he used to be somewhat funny and likeable. But now, not anymore, never-ever…

Credit: HaileyBaldwin/IG

Next, it’s Paris Hilton, who may have birthed reality TV programs in the mid 2000’s in a major way and also birthed social media stardom, somehow? So, she’s a bit of a legend, even if DJ’s across the world are in a strop’ about her DJ’ing nowadays, but who cares? “That’s Hot!” This photo leaves nothing to the imagination, that she’s definitely not a Hillary fan, since she’s true American. Happy 4th or 5th hangover to you, Paris. Mwah!

Credit: ParisHilton/Twitter

Wow! Up next it’s Vanessa Hudgens, who looks a lot like “somebody we used to know” in this photo. So, immediately we like it. And, we always liked this Disney kid, but as for her Instagram photo, she grey scaled it! But why? Anyway, there’s stars and things in there, plus lots more to see, right? Nice one Vanessa, we hope you had a great celebration. ; )


Up next, it’s everyone’s favourite Dutch/American Housewife, Yolanda Hadid here, wishing everyone a “Happy Independence Day” with a photo of her mesmerizingly beautiful daughter Gigi Hadid. A very nice touch, we think!

Credit: YolandaHadid/IG

Now this article expose wouldn’t be complete without an American latina like Sofia Vergara making some American apple pie, dressed all in blue, would it? “Yo queiro un trozo de tu paste, chica!” Mmmmm, looks good.

Credit: SofiaVergara/IG

Now, actually there’s a last one, but definitely not the least, by any means at all, since just look at this! Brazilian born and American patriot Alessandra Ambrosio, goes full flag! “Nos de um beijo, gatinha!”

Spectacular, indeed! Credit: AlessandraAmrosio/IG

So, this piece right here pretty much shutdown liberal-socialist & satanic ventures in one go and it also almost killed off feminism in just one article, also. So, thanks ladies and may your hangovers be light and your July 5th also be filled with much joy!

We left out shamed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Nicki Minaj, because virtue signalling, really kills careers! Take notes people!

God Bless America!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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