CNN Blackmails Reddit User Over Bodyslam Video

Now CNN are stooping to greater levels of embarrassment and it is “oh so joyful” to watch. So everybody is joining together to expose and poke fun at the failing news network. that have now reached out to the creator of the infamous body slam tweet video of CNN, over Reddit. The kid who is reportedly 15-years old, has seemingly been contacted and threatened by CNN, and this is now trending all over the internet.

A 15-year-old kid made the video, which depicted the WWE video when Donald Trump body slammed someone from years passed, with the CNN logo over the face of the wrestler being slammed by Donald Trump, before it was tweeted out by Donald Trump himself, with all due respect to the fake news network.

When will the fake news media and the establishment media, ever learn? Andrew Kaczynski, senior editor of CNN’s KFile (FAKE NEWS UNIT) and a peddler of FAKE NEWS, discovered the identity of the Reddit user through research and they have since perpetuated emotional Blackmail and even asked for an apology from the teenager.

Hi, I’m Andrew Kaczysnki and I make Fake News to fool deluded people worldwide, but mostly in America. Plus, I threaten teenagers because I’m a jerk-loser that works for CNN. Credit: YouTube

Andrew Kaczynski said on part of CNN in an article published on Tuesday night, that they didn’t want to reveal the identity of the U.S. citizen who made the bodyslam CNN video, “because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again,” 

“CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change,” Kaczynski wrote. 

Now you see how CNN are acting like the SS gestapo of the Nazi Party and even targeting a teenager for making a perfectly apt video symbolising how Donald Trump is beating the Fake News media, which was from a WWE event back in 2007.

The hypocrisy of the liberal left is so lame, so evident and it’s now very much dying a painful death. But, the liberal left think that it’s okay to depict the assassination of Trump in theatre plays, and they think it’s okay to have Madonna saying that she has thought a lot about blowing up the White House, or even Johnny Depp saying that he’s going to shoot Donald Trump, to Kathy Griffin holding a severed head of Donald Trump?!


So then, here’s yet another message to the fake liberal news networks, to violent satanic and deluded liberals and a PSA to all of Satan’s little helpers out there. But, especially to Andrew “Loser” Kaczynski that’s are now threatening and blackmailing a 15-year old kid, really?

Image result for brainstain gif

So, in celebrations just a day after July 4th, a day when all Anti-Americans cried liberal tears on the marvellous day of American freedom, which was celebrated by all Americans and all purveyors of free speech across the land and the world, so we decided to list as many authentic and amazing Twitter tweets showing how CNN is symbolically dying off in a war with America!  (HIGH-FIVE!)

Here’s the many depictions now circulating and destroying CNN even further. And boy do we love it, don’t you? And, we might even make our own some day, as well? Hmmm, perhaps then CNN will even contact us for some comments. Heheheheh! Come we go! First off, with some Mortal Combat!

So, lets keep this going and bring you some more amazing videos showing Donald Trump destroying CNN, shall we? Anyone remember how devastating the Karate Kid’s kick was?

Ouch! Right in the face! Ralph Macchio would be very proud of that one! Anyone like Back to the Future, poor George McFly being bullied at the hands of Biff, that big bully aka in this instance just like CNN. Very much just like how CNN are going after a 15-year-old kid on the popular discussion app of Reddit! Watch!

This just gets better and better. So why stop now? Let’s keep it going as it brings so much joy to everyone, seeing this colluded news network keep on falling. CNN are now the laughing stock of America and rightly so.

We love a bit of WWE here at Brainstain because know how much people love it, so here’s another wonderful depiction of Donald Trump symbolically getting his hands on CNN, once again. Hahaha! CNN are now receiving what they deserve!

So many good one’s to get through and this might just be the greatest day of the whole year (applause!). We wonder what’s happening in the CNN offices right now? What’s Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon up to this very minute. Who knows? But, call in and please tell us……As seemingly they’ve been M.I.A from the News channel of late, Scary Movie indeed.

Yep! CNN is over and they’re bowing out of the news landscape with tails between their legs and we’d also like to take some credit for helping to spread the word over the last 9 months, almost like the birth of a baby, now we’re also invited to the baby shower. Are you invited, as well?

Haha! It’s a party, so pass the hors d’oeuvre’s and champagne. So tasty! CNN Blackmail is being exposed along with all their other evil deeds, over the past 20 months or more. We Celebrate This! Since, CNN is now a bullyish mafia syndicate! But, that’s no new news, is it?

Yes indeedy, so we now wonder what sort of pathetic news CNN will come up with next?  We cannot wait, this is surely going to be epic! CNN will need to gather an army of lawyers and all those legal bills will surely make them unable to afford their many news anchors and even their exposed fake news producers. Wow, it’s all happening right now!

Haha! amazing, eh? And, how about this for another one, we commend this work and we applaud it to no end.

CNN BLACKMAIL is so trending right now and it’s a joy to behold, isn’t it?

Watch out! CNN is coming! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Anybody like sports? You know, the one’s where it’s perfectly acceptable to tackle and knock the wind out of somebody, no not like Antifa do, in order to perpetuate their liberal backwards violent agenda. No! Like in American football or in NHL Ice Hockey! So, here goes!

You just got winded against the glass! So, we could go on and on and on, but perhaps that’s enough and let’s join together in sharing as many anti-CNN gifs and videos, as possible, in order to show how CNN are really falling apart at the seams. God Bless America!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Wire

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