ISIS Recruiter Sally Jones Wants To Come Back To The UK

So, in some completely unbelievable news today, even ironically coming on the 4th of July, we bring you this pathetic mess, from the sickening conquered soul of real life super villain Sally Jones, a 50-year old former Punk Rocker, a caucasian female ISIS recruiter from England, who now is crying bitter crocodile tears and whining about wishing to return to Great Britain from war-torn Raqqa in Syria. And, this is not a joke and nobody is laughing.

Let’s get a breaking Fast News round up, shall we? Since this delusional monster must be having a laugh, right?

A failed punk rocker and perfume saleswoman from Chatham in Kent, decided in 2013 to go off to Syria and brought her son JoJo with her, in order to find paradise as a Jihadi recruiter in the wild-wild ISIS lands of Syria, where the killing of non-believers, Christians and anybody in their path was common practice, as well as the raping of Yazidi women for them to carry out sick sexual gratification in the name of Allah, and plus the plotting of terror attacks in the UK, Europe and the United States, plus not to mention the camps where the training of jihadis, was even her assigned job. So much so, that she even indoctrinated her young son to also kill for ISIS. Beyond sickening!

Now, “Mrs. Terror” has been reportedly crying, saying she “wants to come home”. So there you have it! ISIS are dying like flies since Donald Trump and Mad Dog Mattis sunk their teeth into the war strategy of just how to rid these ISIS losers from planet Earth and now Sally Jones is all in tears, because the barbaric and psychotic fun is now over, perhaps? “Boo–f*cking–hoo, you vile-sick-sack of sh*t!” Moreover, calling you that is a compliment and an understatement, as to what you actually are!

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We suggest that she shouldn’t even be allowed to return in a casket and we hope a drone strike will eliminate both her and her warped son, in one clean sweep, if you will. And please, do make it as painful as possible for them both. Actually, that’s too light of a punishment, isn’t it?

So, today the news broke of Sally Jones’s ridiculous wish, upon a Sky News interview with another ISIS immigrant, named Aisha, who said she had met just one Brit there, who called herself  “Umma Hussain al Britain” aka Sally Jones.

Now people like Jeremy Corbyn might even side with such ludicrousness (perhaps?) but thankfully, ISIS sympathisers are not at the helm of British rule and therefore, Sally Jones’ pleas, should not even allow her to return in a casket to the shores of Great Britain. Let alone any other ISIS fighters or their wives, either!

The face of evil itself. Credit: The Sun

If she was ever allowed to return, may we recommend that she’d be beheaded with a blunt tea spoon, which might take several hours of jabbing and stabbing, but you’d have to make it as brutal as can be, wouldn’t you? And, make sure her own son has watch it all go down. How medievally British and just ironic would that be, right? An eye for an eye, if you will.

If the death penalty and medieval times ever were to return, now would most definitely be the time to bring those days back, don’t you think?

Sally and JoJo of ISIS Credit: Mirror

She remains on the Pentagon kill list, plus on the Most Wanted list of just about every federal intelligence agency, including the CIA. So, does she really think that her pleas to a socialist red great Britain, will allow her to ever return? Hmmm, we wonder what left-wing luvvies will say on this topic, so please would you care to leave a comment?

Junaid Hussain was killed by Drone Strike in 2015 Credit: HackRead

Her former husband, Junaid Hussain, 21, a Brit, was killed by a drone strike in 2015 (celebrations!) and she kept on engaging in the sick and twisted ways of ISIS and now she’s hoping for a return?! This is unbelievable! It is also unbelievable that known ISIS fighters and their wives have been allowed to return to the United Kingdom, in the first place! But now, let’s bring in some parody to lighten the mood, shall we?

Aisha who was interviewed by Sky News, said that Sally Jones “was crying and wants to get back to Britain but ISIS is preventing her because she is now a military wife. She told me she wish to go to her country.”

Her son JoJo is now aged 12, is also there in Raqqa after killing many-many people. There shall be no sympathy there, for him either!

Sally Jones’s former husband is now thankfully dead, who was a Birmingham based computer hacker before joining ISIS, where Jones’ later joined him and she’s believed to have enticed scores of European jihadis to join the caliphate through her influential recruitment network called the “Raqqa 12”.

Former ISIS wife Aisha is interviewed by Sky News. Credit: SkyNews

Sally Jones even once plotted to kill the Queen during the 2015 VJ Day celebration in London. JoJo’s father, said about his son, “I have had to block it out.” On thinking what Sally did to her son and “It’s been hard, we just have to carry on. It’s disgusting, he’s been brainwashed.”

Whilst, JoJo’s grandfather Terry Lynch, said that he’s riddled with painstaking grief and yet said that he doesn’t care if she even lives or dies. When asked about JoJo after seeing him assassinating Kurdish fighters in an ISIS video, said, “I couldn’t believe it, I feel so sad. That is a wasted life. His life is ­finished.”

Terry Lynch. Credit: DailyMail

“There is no way he can come back to the normal world. It’s terrible. Unbelievable. I feel really guilty because the boy used to say to me, ‘Grandad, can I stay with you?”

Whilst, speaking on his own stepdaughter, he said, “The sooner they blow her up the better. She’s a nutter and so selfish. She’s hurt everybody and screwed them all up.”

So, not even her own family want her or her son to come home, so let’s hope for the most brutal of endings for these sick souls and hope that they are forever banished from returning in another life, but all in all, karma will decide their fate.

We dream of the day of their imminent deaths with great anticipation now, as US led forces eliminate every last ISIS fighter, something which never happened under Barack Obama’s tenure.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

Brainstain, over and out!

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