Happy 4th of July Everybody!

It’s time to break out the barbecues, cook up some burgers, hotdogs, and sip on some light beer, since it’s the 4th of July and it’s definitely time to celebrate “Patriotism” and all the great work that President Donald J. Trump is doing for this great nation of fifty states.

This marks the first 4th of July with Donald Trump at the helm and you can expect many happy Americans out there, who are ignoring the brainwash box, with effervescent fake news falling by the way side now, as the days of the very colluded and very fake CNN, are most certainly now numbered. Their new name is now the Clown News Network.

Plus, in New Jersey the Antifa organisation have just been listed as a terrorist group. Which state will now step up next and then list them as the most insane and deluded organisation in America ever? How many Antifa terrorists can fill up new prison cells? That be something to drink a beer to and watch unfold, don’t you think?

President Donald Trump wishes you a happy July 4th. Credit: YouTube

Plus, Donald Trump continues to wheel and deal with world leaders, meeting many nations and forming close ties, thus most recently to that of South Korea and also in speaking with leaders in Saudi Arabia via phone, in an attempt at finding future peace in the Middle East. He will negotiate anything, as you should never underestimate the greatest President that America will ever have, even before he has even begun. Trust in Trump.

Liberal snowflakes with purple and multi-coloured hair and wearing face masks to hide their identities, some with mental illnesses, that are dressed like suicidal emo kids, are becoming increasingly exposed for what they are, which is totally deluded, paid protestors and utterly brainwashed morons with meagre minds that serve no purpose in society, whatsoever. For how much longer will the lowest common denominator, try to resist all the good things that are happening in America, because of Donald Trump?

These lowlives will not be celebrating the 4th of July, because in their warped-socialist conditioned minds they’d rather support Sharia Law for the pursuit of fake Feminism, since they’re down with CNN and Linda Sarsour and also pro-crooked Hillary or even for that fake nasty woman, the laughing stock pretend American-Indian Pocahontas wannabe aka Elizabeth Warren. So, since they’ve all been liberally indoctrinated to hate America via fake news during the Obama era, and even more so in the post Obama era, what good are they actually doing with their picket signs and useless protests? Nothing. What are the protests about? Presumably, liberal tears about not being able to leave their parent’s basement, that’s what it is!

Everyone will be out celebrating, and so should you! Credit: WTVQ

However, an estimated 62 million true Americans that voted for Donald J. Trump will be celebrating the 4th of July and this is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? But, what else has Donald Trump been doing, well, he’s been addressing the many American lives lost to illegal alien criminals that have been allowed to carry on their crimes due to sanctuary human rights laws and the Donald has also been lobbying for the improved rights and living standards for the forgotten American War veterans.

Additionally, Donald Trump has also promised to send one of the current murder capitals of the world federal help, over in Chicago. So, what gives? Well, Donald Trump does and this is all so evident. So a merry and happy 4th of July to you sir.

And, on this day of independence and freedom, stay rest assured that America is in good hands now and so think about that when you spend time with your family and loved one’s, as deviating from a satanic and socialist agenda is something which everyone should definitely get behind. And, right away!

Communism and socialism have no place in a land of prosperity, as the American people deserve much better than that. It’s time to put America first and it’s also time that nations ruled their own lands and not vice versa.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Pinterest

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