Cult of Chucky Red Band Trailer Released

Much to our joy, today we revisit Thursday’s news from last week, which saw the unexpected resurgence and sort of creepy reemergence of the most annoying little sh*t horror villain there ever was, Chucky! With a trailer for the up and coming DVD and direct to Blu-Ray and on Demand release of ‘The Cult of Chucky’ complete with some new softer doll facial features and a generally more stoic vibe, that is until he comes to life and opens his vile little trap and starts to talk sh*t, as we know he always does.

Yes, he’s always been the go to source for a little ridiculous horror and so what’s not to like? After all, he’d be the doll that Freddy Krueger would give to his son (if he would ever have one) which would never ever happen, since he only likes to haunt the dreams of teens after burning up into a crisp in that furnace, down in the basement. Or even Chucky could be that special doll that somebody like Jason Voorhees would stick on a shelf and only bring out to play with, when he wasn’t hacking off the limbs and heads of frightened young adults engaging in frisky behaviours at Camp Crystal Lake. Maybe, Chucky would even be able to get a laugh out of Jason, perhaps? That is if Jason could ever laugh or even make a sound, apart from the sounds of “chi-chi-chi-chah-chah” and his boots causing creaks on wooden floored cabins up at Camp Crystal Lake, that is!

It does seem like the world-famous 1980’s horror villains will always have a place in popular culture and nothing can ever eclipse these world-famous purveyors of horror. So before we even bring you the new trailer, which unfortunately you might have to even sign into YouTube in order to just watch, we will bring you some of Chucky’s classic rhetoric and wise cracks from all the years of Chucky films on the silver screen. Come we go!

How’s that for hilarity crossed with horror? So rude! It’s almost like us when we wake up in the morning with a lack of sleep and way before our morning coffee. Anyone care to comment? Chucky sure has a dirty mouth on him and it definitely lends a nice balance to all the slashing that he does with his trusty old kitchen knife.

And the absolute highlight up there, was surely towards the end of the clip, where rap artist Redman aka Reggie Noble, falls out of the closet all bloodied (no pun intended) dead, from the film Seed of Chucky. Who even knew that legendary rapper Redman was in that film? But now, without further a due, sign into YouTube and make sure you’re over 18-years-old, since this is the hot new trailer for Cult of Chucky (buy Figurine) – Exclusive Red Band Trailer (2017). Please enjoy!

This new film in the ongoing saga of Chucky will be released on October 3rd of 2017, and we will most definitely be bringing you the online order link as soon as the date draws nearer. However, until then, you may want to catch up on all of Chucky’s previous escapades. Say No More!

“Wanna’ Play?”

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For Chucky fans, this is like Christmas come early.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: IGN

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