Is The BBC A Colluded Left Wing Socialist News Network?

What happened to the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC? Since once upon a time they were a trusted news source that produced objective news reports and showed both sides to a story. Not anymore, as they continue to nose dive for ratings and express socialist rhetoric and spew out globalist jargon, in jumping onto fake news stories to try and keep themselves relevant. Who are you competing with? The abhorrent Sky News Network?

At the BBC, every fake news story that CNN tried to spin on Donald Trump without merit, the BBC also jumped onto, even though, it held no fact or substance in the world of reality. The Russia election narrative has already been exposed, plus the BBC supported that fake narrative everyday for months and months, so to be honest they aren’t very short from flying a barren red flag and waving it across their news network (a la-a burgeoning communist state on TV) and this has now already been exposed.

Sadly, the BBC headline news reports have become a colluded and a socialist driven agenda, which leans towards a corporation that spends its efforts trying to warp people into backwards thinking and perpetuating a liberally incorrect Britain, via the use of dangerous terminologies born out of socialism, such as “political correctness” and “Islamophobia”. The latter doesn’t exist, but why not try the new phrase of an Islamic condition called “Westernphobia”, as well, then? Surely, their failure to accept the culture in which they live, should also be phrased with a terminology, don’t you think?

BBC Newsnight has been accused of having a left wing bias. Credit: Express

No, they’d rather feature Sadiq Khan whining about Donald Trump not being welcome in England (which is just NWO – bullsh*t), rather than report on Sadiq Khan’s recent refusal to support a Hezbollah ban (read here) and then also push a socialist sympathy agenda after the Grenfell Tower disaster (rightly so?), rather than also be concerned about the dangers of domestic Jihadists walking the streets freely in the U.K. for years and years. Or even to the reporting of how illegal immigrants comprise the highest number of increasing crime statistics in Great Britain; and whilst they also won’t report on illegal immigrants as being the major source of crime across London and also in many parts of the nation. Nor will they report on Mosques in the United Kingdom, as being known locations for the preaching of hatred towards the west, plus also how it serves as a breeding ground for the radicalization of young Muslim men into domestic terrorists. When will they report on that? They won’t because the BBC is seemingly pushing a backwards socialist agenda.

Who do we have to thank for all of this mess in the United Kingdom? Well, Labour, that’s who? Or do you have any better ideas?

Nor will the BBC report on the true failure of socialism right across the whole world. Yet, nothing screams desperation as much as when the acts of socialism bring the causation of how a country starts running out of other people’s money. Pause for a second and just take a look at Venezuela. Or take a look at Sweden and see how it’s going over there, with socialism, right? Or just look across at the old enemy from WWII and just see how they are coping with the muslim migration epidemic and how well that’s gone so far, under socialist rule and those open borders?

The BBC hires left-leaning staff form left-leaning universities. Credit: Daily Mail

As if the people do not notice how the BBC have changed so much in just the space of a couple of years? They have jumped onto the bandwagon of biased news reporting and if they keep it up, they will suffer the same fate as CNN already have in America. Nobody will tune in and people in Great Britain are already angered by their bias, so much so that people are already questioning why they should pay a TV license, which supports red tied socialist views to the core of their every being and are now solely a subjective news provider, nowadays. Will they change and start reporting some sense again? Let’s wait and see, as the tides can quite possibly change yet again.

Essentially, the BBC is mainly funded by the public, then so why spew out a socialist agenda and try to steer people’s minds into a brick wall of delusion? By the way, Emmanuel Macron is not a Centrist, but a former socialist party employee, but you won’t hear that on BBC news, who seemingly are still somewhat very much colluded with the failing European Union.

So, there are still many conservatives in the United Kingdom, as is exemplified by the current Tory government, but judging by coverage from the BBC’s recent news, they might as well still pretend that Jeremy “Marxist” Corbyn is Prime Minister and continue to align with the seeming One World Agenda, at the expense of England’s best interests and to that of the best interests of the British people.

Credit: Express

Why not also report on the amount of crime as a causation of Islamic Extremists? Why not report on Sharia Law areas in the United kingdom and also no-go zones in Great Britain and also report on the failure of socialist governments on the topic of mass immigration? And then, why not also report on how socialist labour governments opened the floodgates to Islam and how they have failed to help unassimilated muslim immigrants to adjust to the western culture?

Nope they won’t report on that and they still continue to pretend as if everything is all rosy and utopian across the land, whilst whole areas of the United Kingdom have become a barren wasteland, completely unrecognisable to anything which even resembles the England of old, even in the slightest.

Now the BBC have begun the trend of hiding the ethnicities of people whom commit crimes, for fear of the truth coming out since people might perceive it as “racist”, all due to political correctness. So, if a Muslim migrant commits a crime, expect not to hear about it. And, such would be the case with the two recent rapes in Manchester of two children, aged 4 and 8 years old.

They stated that they couldn’t name the ethnicities of the 16-year old boy and a 21-year old man, because they feared reprisals. However, if the person was white, you would be sure that it would be front page news. Such is the biased news reports of the BBC and their code of conduct on modern news reporting. All of this is all too familiar in other socialist nations, such as in Sweden and Germany.

So, will the BBC ever revert back to their old style of objective news reporting and report on news with logic and any sense? Only time will tell, but right now it looks like they’re trying to head in the same direction as CNN.

The BBC should be ashamed of themselves and admit that they’ve reported wrongly on a number of current issues, since people are now sick of the left-wing agenda and are also sick of this socialist disease that’s trying to spread its wings across the British Isles.

People have to pay a TV license for this drivel? Credit: Telegraph

The BBC is soon going to be called the British Biased Corporation, unless they clean up their act, and start to act in the best interests of the United Kingdom, instead of pushing the sickness which is political correctness, in the face of domestic Islamic terrorism and mass muslim immigration, without any assimilation to the UK culture, at the very expense of the British tax payer.

We think the BBC should offer full refunds of the TV license fee to disgruntled viewers, dating back a full two years, as an apology of their colluded coverage of the American election, the colluded coverage on the fake news Russian narrative and also in being biased towards the Tories and also in being pro- for the failing London Mayor Sadiq Khan, but then also suggesting that Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed a state visit.

Hey BBC?! How absolutely stupid can you be? You don’t think people notice all the sh*te that your network has been pushing lately?

We call for total TV license refunds if this continues, as real news is the very least that you can do, right? So, let’s now see if the BBC cleans up their act or whether the systematic brainwashing of impressionable people will continue?


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Independent

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