2Pac: ‘All Eyez on Me’ Movie Released Today & Happy Birthday to Tupac

Happy Birthday to Tupac Amaru Shakur from all of us here at Brainstain. Rest in Peace. So, in his honour we will be reciting all of his songs, all day long. Since he is one of modern history’s most influential figures, although, you probably couldn’t even begin to fathom that and surely he’s also the one with the most captivating modern life tale in popular culture. So, today marks the release date of the film about Tupac Shakur’s life, being released in cinemas, entitled All Eyez on Me

Now we bring you the official movie trailer to catch a glimpse of what we can come to expect from this biopic feature film.

How much will they reveal? How much will the greatly uninformed people learn from this film? Will they realize that what 2Pac said, is very true:

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

Now, we don’t think he’s talking about the young kids these days, that can now enrol in a University course to learn about the musical artist, but surely he’s talking about the train of thought that he implanted before his death and departure from this world on Friday, September the 13th in 1996. God naturally welcomed him into heaven with open arms, so may his spirit continue to live on, as it has ever since, with countless posthumous works being released after his passing. Will there be any more unheard lyrics coming out in the near future? Please keep releasing anything hiding in the vaults, aligned with the complete authenticity, that you’d come to expect from Tupac Shakur himself, as the fans really want to hear it, you know?

Credit: Youtube/AboveTheRimArt/HipHopNation

Tupac very much exposed the establishment’s wishes to control the ever-growing popularity of Rap and Hip-Hop music, and guess what? Tupac brought his music and legacy to the very top of popular music culture before he was assassinated. He did not need to sell-out and become a pop star (he didn’t want to), he wouldn’t ever sell-out or sell his soul, plus with his outspoken mindset and with his defiance in not buckling and pandering to political pressure in silencing him, that should always be remembered, revered, praised and applauded. He’s a true icon, a trailblazer by the inner power of his soul and within his mind’s right, which was always to stand up for what is just and honourable in this world.

But, justice and fairness was not something that he was to garner from his opposition, was it? He became a political target from very early on, perhaps? Just maybe…..

Being “True” is a waning life quality possessed by very few these days, amongst the many impressionable people in the world’s society. Tupac was true to the core of his every being and which is why he will always remain the icon of all icons. So, let’s see some more now in a second trailer for the film All Eyez on Methe same name of his record-breaking double album on Death Row Records, plus the name also goes some way to explain all the eyes that were currently on him, upon his release from prison on a bogus rape charge, which was nothing more than a political set-up, which was manifested to stop him in his tracks.

In fact, they sent him to jail for a charge relating to touching a woman’s buttocks (sexual abuse charge). Hmmm, yet Ayanna Jackson willingly had sex with him on previous occasions and she even fellated him on a nightclub dance floor. So, it’s clear that undercover federal operatives and sell-outs were most definitely in heavy rotation in the Hip-Hop music industry, during that time in the mid-nineties. Let’s see that 2nd trailer now.

Plus, let us not forget his shooting and assassination attempt at Quad Studios in November of 1994 in New York City, whilst visiting a recording studio session, hosted by the label head of Bad Boy Records, Puff Daddy. He survived multiple gunshots, only to be told a day later, that he would be charged on four counts of sexual abuse, which later saw him enter prison on Valentines Day in 1995. But, for how long? That still remained to be seen, until sentencing day.

He was later sentenced to four years, but it was Suge Knight of Death Row Records who bailed him out to the tune of over $1 million dollars, after nearly a year behind bars. Tupac signed a contract with Death Row Records, tying him into various future albums, under the umbrella of Interscope Records.

So, in his short career which even at times must’ve felt like a lifetime for him, naturally dark forces and envious haters came for him, amidst his ever-growing popular voice as a major recording artist and bankable actor. His music was gaining him fans across the whole world, but under the fake guise and political witch hunt of “gangster rap”, it was to be used against him, since it obviously struck fear into the highest up in political America, so instead of listening, they decided to target him and then turn Hip-Hop culture on its head instead. Naturally, with the help of those other artists that were willing to sell-out completely for their very own financial gain.

All Eyes on him? Maybe? Credit: WallpaperOnline

Just look at Hip-Hop and Rap nowadays, well even look at it from the year of 1997 onwards, and we need not expose the names of those that wished to sell out the culture for their very own financial gain, do we? It’s hidden in plain sight, perhaps?

So, if you’ve noticed anything about us here at Brainstain, we shower praise and applaud those that stand up for what is right. Now, remember also that Tupac is the epitome of that, very much the definition of that.

It’s been roughly 21 years since his passing and nowadays rap music has become unrecognisable, much as many people have come to expect. Do you remember Hip-Hop and Rap in the nineties? It was original and held weight as an untouched art form, all be it aside from perhaps the negative connotations of so-called “gangster rap”, in Tupac’s mind he was shedding light on the inequality and the lack of care from government funding onto these predominately African-American and minority communities of America. Thug Life was his early message to define what many people in lower income communities may have resorted to, as a way of life, in order to just get by. Tupac later refuted the ideology and terminology of Thug Life as it was being misperceived and also being used against him, which was also a bold move and a correct move to make at that time.

Credit: Twitter

All Tupac wanted to do was to shine a light on the helpless communities (the have-nots) and he wanted to help those communities in need, through his musical endeavours. And, that he did, with the also underreported donations to community centres which he continued to make throughout his career, because let’s remember that for the establishment media, Tupac was already pre-chosen as public enemy number one.

All Tupac Shakur wanted to be, was to be an artist, given the same creative freedoms that any other musical artist should be given, in respect of his exceptional talents.

He was a role model to many, but should he have been allowed to live his life, without having some of the external problems that inadvertently came with his big success? We think so.

He wasn’t an angel, but in many ways he still was and always will be, but in his youth and growing up as a big star since the age of 20 years old, how could he always be a saint, given a man going through life and also in learning life lessons in the midst of rising superstardom at such a young age.

But, don’t you think that being targeted and being under surveillance, should not consist of any young man’s life lessons, since being politically targeted is not apart of normal life lessons, at least not in a normal life for a normal person, right? Can we get an “amen” to that?

Some of his legal problems might have been warranted, like when he attacked the Hughes brothers after the Menace II Society incident, but many of his other legal problems seemed to just come at him from nowhere, just because he was Tupac Shakur. Facts!

But, much like any artist, any real artist that pursues originality and isn’t controlled by an evil entity, continues to grow and evolve both musically and politically, in his adult years. But, this wasn’t something that Tupac was allowed to experience. In saying that, Tupac was wise beyond his years (understatement), with so much talent, natural charisma and kindness in his heart, that many people forever feel in disdain about his treatment whilst in the public eye; before his death.

Let’s now see some snippets of some funny Tupac moments, from the very charming and undeniably talented genius, the one of a kind, the very true & original artist, Tupac Amaru Shakur.

So, today we celebrate Tupac’s birthday and we’ll be listening to his music and we say Happy Birthday to Tupac who now resides up in the heavens, with other legends and we now praise him for his brave heart and also for his artistic expertise in implementing the quote and ideology of “I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

This is sure to be a great film and let’s hope it does 2Pac justice. So, will we be watching this film? You can bet your life on it. We will be in the cinema tonight. We suggest you do the same.

Brainstain, over and out!

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