Teen Girl Microwaves Her Turtle To Death And Posts Pictures Online

It’s time like this that we wish that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were actually real, they would not stand for this blatant  injustice towards their own green and shelled kind.

A disorderly teenager posted photos on social media of her pet turtle being cooked alive in a microwave and has since boasted of her sadistic actions.

15-year old Jonasia Simpson posted a picture on her Facebook account of the killing of the innocent turtle and has since shown no remorse for her cruel and monstrous activity, despite public backlash.

Posting on her Facebook page shortly after the incident, Simpson wrote “Y’all mad about the turtle, fuck it’ before adding “It’s a fucking turtle, get over it!!”

Sadistic mental illness seems to be alive and well in Jonasia Simpson.

Jonasia Simpson and her unfortunate pet turtle. May he rest in peace.

Social Media users were outraged and quickly began posting death threats and abuse towards the heartless turtle microwaver, who is believed to be from Boston.

Her mother was allegedly informed of the inhumane incident but laughed off the matter, and as a result has now been getting abuse too. And, rightly so!

An online petition has already been launched in a bid to get Boston Police Department to press animal cruelty charges on Jonasia.

The petition says: “Jonasia Simpson put her family’s pet turtle in their microwave, cruelly and inhumanely putting it to death for no reason other than that she was bored.”

“Her mother, Shanitha Blocker, was made aware of the atrocious and horrendous act, and instead of taking action or disciplining her daughter, she laughed and supported her daughter’s actions.”

Jonasia Simpson (far right), approach with caution, she’s psychotic!

“Not only did Jonasia kill her family pet, and not only did her mother support the actions, but they have shown together a complete disregard for the lives and welfare of all animals.”

“Charges of animal cruelty must be brought against the two of them and they must be imprisoned or at the very least fined to the full extent of the law in the hopes that they never again get the opportunity to kill or harm another innocent, helpless animal.”

Although, we sincerely hope the petition gets the attention it deserves and results in authorities pressing criminal charges of animal cruelty and neglect, we here at Brainstain feel a much better comeuppance for Simpson would be to lock her in a microwave and watch her roast, herself. So, she can know how it feels because fair is fair!

A Shanitha and Jonasia Simpson microwave meal, anyone?

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: The Spruce

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  1. That bitch. She gives all black people a bad name, we blacks are tryin real hard to get a good rep and here she is makin all us look like shit! May she rot in jail or get toasted in an oven, see how she like it >:(

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