He-Man’s Skeletor is EPIC in MoneySuperMarket Ad

Here at Brainstain, we are familiar with the many creative industries and within advertising especially, even though, Bill Hicks suggested that anybody who works in it, should just go home and kill themselves. He wasn’t joking, but let’s have a re-cap from the comedy legend himself, shall we? He doesn’t mince his words, he always told the truth and that’s why he’s one of our all time favourites here at Brainstain. Let’s listen to Bill now.

However, despite many agreeing with him, we couldn’t help but reveal that we very much enjoyed the latest MoneySuperMarket.com’s advert, because it brings back a feel of nostalgia for many adults and the production value is very high, plus it’s pretty hilarious at the same time.  Long gone, was the most annoying advert in the series of all MoneySuperMarket’s camp advertising campaigns, which featured a man, cross-dressed in partly women’s clothes and was twerking it out, to some truly horrible songs. That was horrible and even annoyed many people across the  country. Well at least, that has now finally ceased to run on TV, since perhaps the makers of it, finally went home and killed themselves.

Anyway, here’s MoneySuperMarket.com new advert where they totally redeem themselves, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Who knew that Skeletor could dance like that? He’s looking like he’s in the midst of some epic street rave, with such epic dance moves as the one’s at 00:37 to 00:42 seconds, on some non-ending trip of epic MDMA excursions or what have you, supposedly pleased about the money he has just saved at MoneySuperMarket.com

The production design and the direction is so good, that you’d think that you were watching the re-birth of a real ‘He-Man’ movie, so what’s not to like?

With moves like these, he brings joy to the world. Credit: TVAdvertSongs

MoneySuperMarket.com smashed this one out of the park and we felt we needed to let them know about it. The English have always been known to come out with some class adverts over the years and surely this is one of them.

Just check the opening shot, within the lair of Skeletor’s home, the production design is so on point, then to Skeletor’s skull stick, it’s done so well, then to the dancing to “Fame”, the right’s to that track wasn’t cheap, then to the ending shot of Skeletor, wearing black shades and then he blurts out his characteristic laugh, it’s really everything that an advert should be. Perhaps, they should even be in charge of a parody film, that’s how good this advert is!

He’s definitely so “Money” in this advert and let’s hope that this campaign will now continue with more shenanigan’s from Skeletor and company, since he truly eclipses ‘He-Man’ here and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next? Who knows? We might even pass by their website one day and see what it is all about. So, that we can feel “Epic”, too! We actually feel a bit like Skeletor today, “Epic!”


Epic Skeletor! Brainstain, over and out!

<Story by The Narrator>

Featured Photo Credit: MoneySuperMarket

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    1. This advert was filmed mainly in Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, Rep S.Africa. You can see Verblun’s at No.191 reflected in the window behind Skeletor, up the road is KFC and Jordan’s where the explanatory was filmed and finally, just down the street is Bowerings used car lot. You can see it all on Google Earth streetview.

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