Mike Tyson to Train Chris Brown for that Soulja Boy Beating

Iron Mike Tyson is the greatest and most lethal boxer in history and he has announced that he will be training Chris Brown for the up and coming boxing event against Hip-Pop artist, Soulja Boy. This beef is heating up since it was announced that this promotional fight would in fact, take place, with Floyd Mayweather and his Money Team behind ‘Soulja Boy’, whilst the most dangerous boxer ever, Mike Tyson, will now train Chris Brown. Jesus, things are getting real!

Things have truly escalated for Tyson since he knocked out Alan in ‘The Hangover’ over a pet Tiger, and also for pissing in his swimming pool. We have a feeling that Soulja Boy will be in for a headache, much like a hangover once this fight is over.

We must say that this is already looking like a huge mismatch, with many heavily backing Chris Brown to destroy this young Soulja Boy, in perhaps, even in the very first round. This is surely entertainment, so why not cover it? Let’s see what Mike Tyson can teach Chris Brown. Pure devastation, that’s what! (rubbing hands together).

Yes, when you run your mouth about Rihanna, Karrueche Tran and then fire social media shots at Chris Brown, and now that there’s money on the table, just watch as the fight becomes a huge spectacle. It already is, so hopefully, there will be an ambulance nearby for Soulja Boy.

Flashback to even more Mike Tyson highlights below, bruising rib cages, kidney punches and those wham-bam upper-cut combos. Just straight fire!

If we were in Soulja Boy’s shoes, we’d truly wish that we never got into this mess. Take it from Iron Mike himself, as was exclusively featured on TMZ today. Watch here.

Soulja Boy had made comments about Tyson’s ear biting incident, just a day ago, which as we all know was as a result of Evander Holyfield’s constant head butting in the clinch. Eye for an ear. Why not?

Never mess with a Tiger because it will make it very personal and eventually lash out. Which is no doubt the spirit animal of Mike Tyson, so, don’t get personal with Tyson, yeah? Let’s give yet another reminder of the devastation that Chris Brown will be learning from the greatest boxer ever. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine. Watch!

This celebrity fight is already catching fire as told by 50 Cent, in that even many celebrities and sports personalities are now wishing to settle their scores’ inside a boxing ring. Is this Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef, a precedent for more of these types of celebrity fights? We think, “yes”.

So, what’s next? A ‘Running Man’ TV show? Is this the most exciting time to be alive? Will sports betting sites in Europe or even the bookies in Las Vegas, be taking wagers on this ‘Brown vs. Boy’, fight?

What are the odds going to be set at? When is this fight taking place? What do women think? Do they approve of this? Is this all getting out of hand? Who’s in who’s corner? So many questions, so much entertainment, this is really getting very interesting, don’t you think?

Instead of a “dance off”, this is turning into that boxing match that we were all promised via Twitter by Chris Brown.

So, here’s 50 Cent on the phone locking in Mike Tyson, following Soulja Boy being trained by Mayweather, also following Soulja Boy being robbed in L.A. just a few days ago, so it seems like 50 Cent is the one that has got Tyson involved. Watch here below.

With the popular rise of UFC in recent years, boxing is making a massive return after not wanting to seemingly be outdone by MMA, so there’s lots of interest coming back into boxing and this celebrity bout is helping bring back many fans to boxing, and also doing so, very quickly.

This confrontation that all began over some Instagram Likes from Soulja Boy on Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend’s IG account, on Karrueche Tran’s photos, has now turned into a Twitter beef, then a million dollar boxing event; and it shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Here’s Chris Brown doing some punching work, which looks pretty good, even before Mike Tyson came into the frame to start training him.

Now, let’s take a look at some of Soulja Boy’s boxing skills? And then, please tell us who you think will win this fight in our comments section.

It looks a little sloppy, to say the least and Mayweather will have to teach him a whole lot about boxing, prior to this fight, right?

Let’s now watch this whole thing evolve on the daily. Why not? But, can anyone confirm the date of the fight just yet?


Please tell us, ASAP!

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 Featured Photo Credit:  Tonya Wise/Invision/AP @MSNBC


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