10 Best & Scariest Halloween Costumes 2016

Here at Brainstain, we are so excited by Halloween, perhaps, because we love fun costumes and especially when women dress up like “Hoe’s” and the men, like “Pimp’s”. Only kidding! There’s much more to Halloween than your standard ‘Pimps & Hoe’s – Halloween Party’, yes indeed, so we had to throw down a definitive list of the “10 Best & Scariest Halloween Costumes” of 2016. With no delay, let’s begin, starting from last to first.


Photo Credit TMSTBCH Pixbay
Photo Credit TMSTBCH Pixbay


10) Go as ‘Netflix and Chill’, (buy here) just grab a Netflix T-Shirt, some popcorn, box of condoms and lubrication, then you’re all set to go. Perfecto!


9) Go as ‘Kim Kardashian’, simply place two massive pillows in-between your buttocks and your pants. Then pull them up and apply make up. You’re good to go. Nice!


8) Go as the undoubtedly sexy and famous film villain character, “Harley Quinn”, (buy here) dye your hair pink and white, boost your cleavage and apply some devilishly red lipstick. Roar!


7) Go as ‘Donald Trump’, wear a slick suit, get a nice hair piece and some spray tan , then walk around the party, saying “Make America Great Again”. High Five everyone! Get a Trump mask here, to celebrate in style.


6) Dress up as the oldest profession in history, like a “Hooker”, with a tidy coat over a professional negligee, over some modestly tacky underwear and bra, with an Uber outside.


5) Go as ‘Snapchat’s Doggy Face Filter’ (buy mask) and swallow a suspect “Pill”, chew your jaw off and stick out your tongue, whenever possible. That’s the dog’s bollocks, mate! Nice costume!


4) Jared Leto’s “Joker” from Suicide Squad, dye your hair green, dress like ‘Willy Wonka’ and put a grill in your teeth. All set, sir!


3) Dress up as the classic ‘Pocahontas’ (buy here) in honor of Elizabeth Warren’s ethnicity malfunction? Or simply dress up as her completely, with a purple old ladies pant suit, with see through specs and pump your fist in the air, “talking about nasty women” all night. We promise you might even get laid, if you avoided the latter. Confirmed!


2) Go in a red pant suit, as ‘Hillary Clinton’ (mask) then “lie to everyone, all night long”, we swear that they will figure out who you’re dressed up as by the end of the night. Go Hillary!


1) Go as a ‘Creepy Clown’, like “IT”, (buy here) but, be careful as in some parts of the world this Halloween, the creepy clown is banned. So, it makes it our winner. Buy the film, “IT” here.


Photo Credit Succo Pixbay
Photo Credit Succo Pixbay

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend and stay safe out there and steer well clear of clowns and any shady ghouls standing around on street corners kids. Also, if you’re trick or treating, always check the candy before any consumption. Feel free to buy your costumes from right here with Amazon. Enjoy!


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Featured Photo Credit Master Tux Pixbay

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