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Welcome to Brainstain and please do remember to “Wash it in” as you digest our news articles. Feel free to join in on the comments as we strive to provide entertainment news and reports on current affairs, with a light-hearted dark and humorous assessment of news in general. We have a bunch of fun plans for this venture catering to all ages, minus infants and toddlers, but we encourage you to spread the word and share Brainstain with your friends and family.  Here we strive to entertain you with the best and worst of news, whilst bringing some cult articles into the mainframe of web existence.

Feel free to join us in this rise of the phoenix, bursting out from the flames as a fire spitting dragon, with more fire than your regular boring news website that’s similar to paint drying on a garage door. Join, support and advertise your like of Brainstain, as we welcome you to enjoy our rampant output. The fun has begun and we aim to keep you spun with originality in written wordplay, on researched facts and verified rumours. Covering world news in all forms by being your daily entertainment source, par for the driven course, we also even cover sports and games.  Which will hopefully sit well with everyone, so it’s a broad readers digest.  Our aim is to keep you sane and entertained, while you delve through life and break the mundane pain of your daily work day. Please enjoy.


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