Kim Kardashian Robbed: She’s an easy Target

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Palve Stanimirovic a former “Pink Panther” member has openly blamed Kim Kardashian for getting herself robbed in Paris. If you don’t know what a Pink Panther is, well, it isn’t the cartoon Pink Panther or Peter Sellers as Inspector Closeau, it is merely defined as: ‘the name given by Interpol to an international jewel thief network, composed of Serbs from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia, which is responsible for some of the most audacious thefts in criminal history’.

This is very true and seemingly Kim Kardashian from Los Angeles, California, isn’t too brushed up on Europe and the existence of professional thief’s hailing from the Eastern Block. If she were, then she wouldn’t be advertising all her bling-bling jewelry for all to see on places like Instagram and Facebook. Go figure, Kim?!

Kim Kardashian (buy Season 8 here) was reportedly robbed of $11million in jewelry from her rented $30,000 per week apartment in Paris.   The media is running with this story and given the amount of questions regarding the exact nature of the robbery, we wonder if it’s a hoax or just a publicity stunt? However, if it isn’t, it’s suffice to say that Kim Kardashian was asking for it, as is explained by Palve Stanimirovic, an ex-safe cracker from the crime gang YACS, calling her ‘an easy target’.

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With the amount of fancy restaurants, security and travel amongst the Kardashian clan, it isn’t unthinkable that some of these collar workers around them are indeed Eastern Europeans, whilst in Europe, with a wide network of information passed amongst themselves to Pink Panther robbers, that use that information to entrap and professionally steal from the rich in a non-fatal way and usually it’s only for insured property. These Eastern Europeans are the doormen, the waiters, the cleaners and with this network it would be very easy for them to just pick up the phone and say that Kim Kardashian is lonesome tonight, in her Paris apartment with a real treasure trove of jewels. Let’s hope Kim had these valuable items insured, surely?

Kim Kardashian reportedly opened the door to the concierge who was held hostage by masked men who later tied her up and gagged her, before placing her inside a marble bathtub, whilst, reportedly a friend from her make-up team hid inside another bathroom. Due to the noise  and commotion, she was unable to raise the alarm until they were gone. Kim Kardashian’s main bodyguard was reportedly out at a nightclub seeing over older sister Kourtney at the time of the robbery. Whilst, Kanye (buy here) was performing at a concert, Kim was alone with no security and around $11million in jewelry in her Paris flat, frantically posting up all her assets on social media. We couldn’t write the script better ourselves, could you?

This does have many people asking questions, is it real? Is it a publicity stunt or is it merely the notion of filling the news with any new exciting tripe to save Hillary Clinton’s many blushes of indictment on worthy crimes yet to be released by Julian Assange in his secret files.

We think it’s the latter, but we have come to like Kim and we are actually in sympathy with her and her family, because we have grown to love the Kardashians due to mind-numbing past marathons of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ with ex-girlfriends, throughout the years.  At this time, we hope for her recovery from the mental anguish in this successful and easy-peasy’ heist by a probable Eastern European gang of serious professionals hailing from Serbia or thereabouts. Although, we are tempted to applaud this fete, we remain impartial as this story keeps on unraveling. Criminality is not condoned here and we have a soft spot for the Kardashians.

According to Palve Stanimirovic it has likely been performed by the gentlemanly thieves calling themselves, “The Pink Panthers”, who have had successful robbing operations in a shopping mall in Dubai, in London at The Graff diamonds flagship store, now Kardashian in Paris after also getting up to no good in Tokyo.

So, lets just say that if you have a ton of jewelry in the excess of millions of value, just don’t post it on Instagram and Facebook, would ya? You’re basically sending an open invitation to these kinds of criminals and who knows? Next time, somebody could get hurt. Thankfully nobody was, in conclusion, mind your property and stay vigilant out there folks.


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