‘Democratic Socialists of America’ Convention is Summed Up in Ridicule


Last week, you may have come across some unbelievable highlights, or even some sound bytes of the recent Democratic Socialists of America convention, where the consensus from onlookers regarding these democratic socialists is that they embody all that is bizarre, since… Continue Reading

Facebook are Developing an A.I. mind-reading Device


If you thought the fast face in technology wasn’t fascinating and a little bit scary, then picture this – a device that can type the words you are thinking. Pretty scary, right? But it can happen, as Facebook have announced a major… Continue Reading

CNN Democrat National Clown Debate was a Circus of “Fake News” (1st Night, 2nd Round)


Last night’s second Democrat nominee debate live on CNN, was likened to a ‘Democrat National Clown’ debate out of a catastrophic circus, where “Fake News” and anti-Trump propaganda dominated throughout, and at times it was far more than comical, or… Continue Reading

TikTok developer ByteDance to produce its own Smartphone


The company behind the popular video-sharing app TikTok has announced it will be developing its own brand of smartphones.  TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, revealed the move after achieving patents and employees from Chinese multinational technology company, Smartisan. ByteDance owns numerous popular… Continue Reading

A$AP Rocky Caught Up in Altercation with Syrian Migrant in Stockholm (*Update*) Trump tweets #FreeRocky

A$AP Rocky Sweden Stockholm fight Migrant Man

A$AP Rocky was on his Scandinavian tour in Stockholm, Sweden, last night and got into an extended altercation with some unrelenting migrant men, whom were obviously the furthest from Swedish that you could ever get. Yes, don’t get it twisted,… Continue Reading

Attorney General Bill Barr Reinstates Federal Capital Punishment for Child Killers


Department of Justice Attorney General, Bill Barr, announced the reinstating of executions for federal crimes on Thursday, after a two decade break, commuting and scheduling the capital punishment of five death row murderers’ and child killers, for the first time since… Continue Reading

Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch after Pedophile is found with Neck Injuries in Cell


Jeffrey Epstein has been found semi-conscious with injuries to his neck in his jail cell at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he was reportedly found ‘blue in the face’ and laying on the floor in a fetal position. Two sources close… Continue Reading

Robert Mueller’s Congressional Hearing on “Russia Hoax” (Tale of the Tape & Review)


A reluctant Robert Mueller of the Special Counsel hoax investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 US election, is now being dragged before a Congressional hearing on Wednesday. Yes, the Democrats have truly nothing left, after the published Mueller report… Continue Reading

Volvo to recall 500k Cars Worldwide over Fire Risk Fears


Sweden-based vehicle company Volvo are recalling a staggering 507,000 of their cars worldwide. An earlier investigation was conducted, which discovered a faulty engine component which could potentially cause the vehicles to set on fire. The recall was issued on Monday,… Continue Reading